2 Chainz Addresses G.O.O.D. Music Rumors, Tyler, the Creator Twitter ‘Diss’

2 Chainz and Angie Martinez

2 Chainz ignited rumors that he was signing to G.O.O.D. Music when he appeared with Kanye West on “106 & Park” earlier this week. During an interview with Angie Martinez on Wednesday, he remained coy about his affiliation with the famed hip-hop label.

The rapper formerly known as Tity Boi also brushed off Tyler, the Creator’s snide remark about his verse on Nicki Minaj’s single “Beez in the Trap.” “Side Thought: Someone Should Edit BEEZ IN THE TRAP With Just Nicki On It,” wrote the Odd Future frontman.

How did 2 Chainz respond? Find out below.

On his relationship with Kanye: “I’ve been communicating with ‘Ye for a little over a year now. ‘Ye, he came to BET, and by him being in the back while I was getting dressed and getting ready, the guys from BET started coming back there. It soon became all about him. Everything they wanted me to do, they started asking him and his whole goal was to come up and [support].”

On whether he’s signing to G.O.O.D. Music: “It’s some things we’re working out, basically. It’s pretty cool.”

On Tyler, the Creator’s “diss”: “The Tyler, the Creator dude… He has an opinion. He doesn’t like the verse. I didn’t say nothing. I retweeted his verse and I told him maybe [Nicki] should have asked him to do it so he could of rode his bike in the video. People are gonna say slick stuff on Twitter, but I can’t trip. It’s Twitter.”

On his nicknames: “All my friends call me Tit. My mama call me Tit, my daddy call me Tity Man.”

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  1. Yeah



  2. dada

    my nigga said “rode his bike in the video” bahahah Tyler is a clown and everyone knows it!


  3. Tony

    Fuck odd future just a bunch of irrelevant assholes they wish they could get as big as 2 Chainz


    Rap*LovesJesus Reply:


    yes and they love satan. i spit on them


    Mentamir Reply:

    @Tony, I think more people are familiar with OFWGKTA than they are with 2 Chainz.


    Excaliburboy Reply:

    @Mentamir, exactly


  4. Winston Churchill

    Tyler the one hit wonder


    Lisa Reply:

    @Winston Churchill, What hits do 2 chainz have?


    kekethechampion Reply:

    @Lisa, FO REAL


    OFWGKTABitch Reply:

    @Winston Churchill, .. The One Hit Wonder? O_o He Has 5 Albums And He’s On Tour ” Camp Flog Gnaw “. And He Own’s His Own Label . ANDDD He One A VMA Do I Need To Go On?
    If He’s A One Hit Wonder, I’m A Flying Pig …
    nuff said


  5. XO till we overdose

    Won’t ever take a guy who used to call himself tity boi seriously.


    Treyy Reply:

    @XO till we overdose, keyword: “Used”


  6. The Truth

    one tall ass nigga


  7. PHX

    Can’t say I disagree with what Tyler said


    J Reply:

    @PHX, I can.


  8. Josh-TV.com


    Need I say more? LOL


  9. JHP

    2 Chainz verse was better than all of Nicki’s verses though…


    MrUnhateable Reply:

    @JHP, Slap urself. I understand u don’t like nicki but lets not act dumb and deaf. Nicki stupid hoe song is better than every 2 chain song and verse and that’s saying a lot. 2 chains is awful and I don’t see the hype. Sorry I gotta agree with Tyler the creator.



    @MrUnhateable, WTF? you a stupid hoe if you think that stupid hoe was a good song.


    Beat Red Reply:

    @ITAINTYOBABY, I barely consider that a song…


  10. rackcity

    i sooo agree with tyler…2chainz is trash and garbage nuff said on to a new artist


  11. Jayla

    Tyler the Creator ????? lmfao! enough said, Wack ass boy


  12. ed



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  14. Musicmusic

    F*ck Tyler the Creator. He’s an immature idiot…


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  16. Selim

    I agree with Tyler. 2 Chainz is whack, Tyler is a awesome producer, rapper and director. Even if you dnt like his rapping u can’t deny his talent in produing. But regardless 2 Chainz is wack


  17. Brionna

    I don’t like his verse on Beez either


  18. KWASI

    @Tony, there pretty relevant right now…much respect to 2 Chainz for not taking it seriously though


  19. Mentamir

    I wouldn’t except someone like 2 Chainz to understand what OFWGKTA is about anyway. The fact that he thinks Tyler is hating pretty much says it all.


  20. K.B.

    First off,who is “Tyler,the creator???You know everybody got sumthin negative to say about 2Chainz,I say “fuck them”,”I love him”.


  21. R.F

    Tyler wasn’t even dissing lmfao. n all of these people who hate on tyler are wack. tyler is 2 chainz n his “yeayah” verses. but yeah 2 chainz has no hits but some ok songs with raw beats n that comment was hilarious


  22. EFFJAY

    Tity man sux as a solo. With artists like Nicki, Wayne or Kanye then he’s OK. However Tyler is in a category of his own and that’s why I like him. If anyone really thinks they worship Satan then now you’ll just believe anything won’t you!It’s crazy how when he was Tity Boi nobody was talkin about him now that he is 2Chainz and gettin good songs with good artists now everbody wanna act like they been fuckin with him for years!WAAAAAACK!


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