Iggy Azalea Readies ‘Glory’ EP for May

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea is giving her Azaleans some new music to hold them over until her debut drops. The Australian rapper has announced plans to release an EP entitled Glory in May.

“May = glory. The EP. #GLORY,” tweeted Iggy. “I’m just onto something right now, the last two weeks and it’s glory. Azaleans need something new.”

Last year, Hustle Gang’s First Lady ignited the blogosphere with the release of her mixtape Ignorant Art featuring the viral singles “Pu$$y” and “My World.”

Her debut album The New Classic is due this summer on Interscope Records, led by the T.I.-assisted single “Murda Bizness.”

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  1. Janae

    I like Iggy, Loved Ignorant Art, But I feel like she’s not that known yet, I mean she just signed to Grand Hustle, She needs more exposure, Releasing this EP this summer isn’t a good look, It will flop


    hh Reply:

    @Janae, I AGREEEE. She is coming up and all but she gets no radio play. I like iggy tho. She just wont get the reviews or response she wants


    Treyy Reply:


    Releasing an EP isn’t a good look? But you don’t think she has enough exposure… But you don’t want her to put out new music to gain new fans….Does this makes sense to anyone? lmao


  2. Beat Red

    I wanna hear this cause I ain’t feeling her yet. Maybe this will make me a fan.


  3. andy

    y’all so late on this -_-


  4. IAmCreo

    @Janae, isnt that the point of putting out the EP though? TO get recognition and radio play, it wont flop, because there isnt any expectation, its a good move because its a perfect lead up to the summer debut, besides, Murda Bizness is gonna be on the radio soon. Its a good move for Iggy


  5. hunger games

    i’m still trippin off of that slave master line and that fake ass black girl voice she likes to use.


  6. MinajRules2012

    @Janae, This will FLOP along with her LP. She is not gonna make it.


    Beat Red Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, Flop like Roman Reloaded or more?


    DRAGHOES Reply:

    @Beat Red, ROMAN RELOADED didn’t flop, she still outsold Lil Kim’s first weeks.. so what are you saying? & plus Iggy will never see 200k


    Skelly Reply:

    LoL… thats all U got?
    How U sale LESS albums after the amazing year Nicki had? Bish had one of the biggest singles last year & was apart of the biggest shows/collabos & didnt even push 300K in the first week & went down 70% 2nd week?
    I guess her UK Barbs are the REAL ride or dies….


    youbmad Reply:

    @Skelly, yess! got em!


  7. BOMB



  8. WonderLand19

    Yayyy! :)


  9. youbmad

    I actually want to hear what she can offer, and I don’t count mixtapes because that’s when your finding yourself/experimenting,and with her studio that’s the real test to show why are you here. good luck boo!


  10. Rick

    ATTENTION PEOPLE!!!! A EP is designed to create exposure…in other words a mixtape to create a buzz! Give the young lady a chance!


  11. ladyrt23

    a free ep or a $4.99 (on itunes) ep??? i know she has one mixtape but not enuff buzz (in my pov) 2 market it 4 regular price.


  12. Jay

    Hell yeah! I’m ready! :)


  13. yeh

    her team defs needs to get her up and our there, havent heard murda anywhere and on itunes Australia (her homeland!) you can’t buy anything of hers, but you can buy a b grade mixtape dedicated her (it used her beats)

    get the girl some covers!


  14. Songstress

    I swear I think Grand Hustle was the wrong move to further expose her but I hope she gets what she deserves b/c this girl is really good!


  15. buy likes

    buy likes…

    [...]Rap-Up.com || Iggy Azalea Readies ‘Glory’ EP for May[...]…

  16. T.R.C.N

    Personally I love Iggy Azalea music. People that say she tryna sound black when she rap are dumb. Its called her style of rap. I dont see people saying nicki is tryna sound white because in reality she’s a black katty perry. The only reason nicki made it & why she big is because of the generation. Its all about funny clothes dumb loud voices & PoP. Sorry if this was the 90s, early 2000s nicki wouldn’t make it. Iggy Azalea already made. She already mainstream rapper. She isn’t underground just dropping mixtapes every 2 months to get heard. Everyone know know who she is.


  17. kevin

    Originally it was this month ,then in an interview at the Bambozzle Festival she said June 1st,today I went on her Twitter and she said to some fan who asked if it was released on June 1st she said no probably June 15th after the premire for the music video to Beatdown! She said will get a song off the ep before it’s release either:Flash,Glory,or Me,Myself,My $! I hate when artists say they gonna release on a certain date then change the minds at the last minute!


  18. G

    omygod, always comparing bitches here. Im a die hard fan of Nicki minaj, and i love Iggy 2. i dont see the problem. =]


  19. travis

    so is iggy azalea album out now does anybody know? i have been searching cant find it….were can i find it at? anybody help me


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