Teyana Taylor Signs to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music

Kanye West and Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor is feeling G.O.O.D. After months of rumors, the Harlem singer has officially signed a deal with Kanye West’s label in conjunction Island Def Jam, it was announced today.

She joins a roster that includes Big Sean, Pusha T, Kid Cudi, John Legend, Q-Tip, and more. Her G.O.O.D. Music/Island Def Jam debut is due later this year. More details will be revealed in the weeks and months ahead.

The 21-year-old was featured on Kanye’s critically-acclaimed album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and released her free EP The Misunderstanding of Teyana Taylor in March, with appearances from Wale, Jadakiss, and Fabolous.

Teyana, who starred in Madea’s Big Happy Family, was previously signed to Pharrell’s Star Trak label and parted ways earlier this year. Her debut single “Google Me” was released in 2008, but her album From a Planet Called Harlem never saw the light of day.

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  1. #RihannaNAVi

    So happy for her


  2. jeremydante

    that’s great news for her.
    she has been grinding & generating the interest of the public for a while now. good for her.


  3. Replay

    Oh nooo please…….


  4. Sassyandclassy

    Not a good move Kanye she is immature and not serious about her craft. Don’t waste your time wit this bulldagger


    Jorge Reply:

    @Sassyandclassy, her mixtape sounded mature and yes she is young but can make good music. Ye is a great mentor and can make her big and evolve her into a great artist.


    csdklk Reply:

    @Sassyandclassy, agreed.


  5. 2Trill

    good for her. she has a good voice and can dance. I hope she can get something poppin for herself!


  6. Jorge

    Another solid piece to the GOOD Music Fam. The greatest latest label around! GOOD, Roc, and Aftermath aka Shady 2.0 are the only labels that keep it true to hip hop and also can make it big mainstream wise. But GOOD has to be the best cause Kanye by himself is the best artist in this era and now he has a team were he can make all of them big and make them better. Also YM can suck it! Lol Only fuck with drake and MMG is alright I like wale, Ross and lil bit of Meek. GOOD talent wise > every label around


  7. Jorge

    I love how ye keeps pushing music into the right direction! Getting talented and unique artists and let them get out their dreams. GOOD keeps getting better.


  8. edison

    What A G.O.O.D. Move


  9. WonderLand19

    Yeah!!! So happy for TT!
    Now, the work begins. Shes got talent and has a good team around her so she’s on good starting ground. What she needs to do is shake off the the public impression of her being a ‘hanger on’. By that i mean the preception of her is that all she does is hang out with her famous friends and has nothing going on in her own life.Fingers crossed they release new music to change that proception because this girl has serious talent. Her mixtape ‘The misunderstandings of Teyanna Taylor’ proves that.
    If Kanye and Def Jam play this right, in 2 or 3 years time she will be huge. Plus, the fans need to really get behind her and show die hard support.
    This girl is super talented and i’m glad she’s found a home that will nature her potential. So excited for her! :)


  10. drea

    YES! So happy for her!


  11. TRA

    I am proud and happy to see that Teyana Taylor signed to GOOD Music Records. I believe Teyana Taylor has true talent in singing and dancing. I will always remember Teyana Taylor’s great singing on the intro to Kanye West’s Dark Fantasy song. Working with Kanye West will most likely bring out the best in Teyana Taylor. I am excited for her and the GOOD Music family.


  12. tay

    yay congratz to tt


  13. Speechless

    like she’ll ever really put an album out. girl please.


  14. IAmWhoIam

    Everyone trying to get their female artists together. Azealia is going to straight murder these girls.


    Treyy Reply:


    But Teyana is a singer you dumb fuck.

    Azealia’s gonna murder her own career by talking so much shit about everybody and burning too many bridges. And she’s ugly. so yea…


    Two Cents... Reply:


    Teyana raps too……. so there’s that……. :/


  15. @iJustoriginate

    Teyana’s G.O.O.D. ? I’m ready to watch this transformation.


  16. Jaymalls

    Good shit!


  17. Dope

    I thought she was already G.O.O.D b/c she did the back up vocals for “Dark Twisted Fantasy”. But good for her.

    P.s. Why they got a pic of Ye lookin like the devil? Lmao


    TRP Reply:

    @Dope, She’s probably been signed for awhile but it just wasn’t officially announced…or maybe it went through some contractual changes before becoming official.


  18. csdklk

    She’ll still be irrelevant so


    Hddhddkf Reply:

    @csdklk, You’re irrelevant so


  19. Jay85



  20. TheDreamer

    Good for her. She’s very talented so hopefully some new music in the coming months or weeks.


  21. GolfWang GOODmusic

    saw this coming. and a great move for her and kanye, im happy for both of em


  22. Jay

    Nice! Happy for her. This is a major score for Teyana! :)


  23. TRP

    Teyana made a dope EP, she deserves a record deal after that. That EP just flowed so well together, could have been her album.


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  25. Khalilology_603

    shes coming to SNATCH these lacefronts & extensions. like im to PUMPED for this!!! shes a QUEEN in the MAKING!


  26. whitechocolate

    I been on this NY hustle for years in the making already. She can dance, write, sings runs, and has gospel in her too. Check please…………………


  27. Kingtonz Loev

    Congrationz for TT Can’t wait to hear More Music From Her Even tho I like her Music Google Me, everybody is so happy for her


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