Video: Nas – ‘Daughters’


Nas reminisces on raising his daughter in the personal video for “Daughters,” the No I.D.-produced single off his upcoming album Life Is Good, due July 17. The Chris Robinson-directed clip is visualized through the eyes of his 17-year-old daughter Destiny Jones—from her third birthday party to her high school years to getting into trouble with boys.

“I think that this song for Nas is so personal, everything in the song is real, that he wanted to share this moment with his fans, with the world, and it was actually his suggestion,” Robinson told MTV News. “I was ready to cast someone, and he was real calm and said, ‘Hey, Dest is gonna be here, I think we need to keep it real.’”

See Nas experience the ups and downs of fatherhood.

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  1. t_bib

    One of the video of the year so far!


    t_bib Reply:

    @t_bib, *best video


  2. keraleestewart

    I love this video. It really tells the true story. Infect he talks about to give a promise to all the fathers out there to take care of their Daughters from what his daughter did.


  3. Mike

    Someone cutting onions…fuck…


  4. hate revolver

    You gotta respect Nas. He does what he wants and still respected in the game for 21 years. Doesn’t sell many records, but has a loyal following that keeps him going. Look at all the rappers that used to sell alot and where are they now? Any rapper would love to have his career.


    young$$MOVEMENT; Reply:

    @hate revolver, how doesn’t he not sell many records? all of his albums went platinum except his last 3..they went gold and all were critically acclaimed


    vino Reply:

    @hate revolver, every nas album is platinum except the last…nas certainly sells a lot of records.


  5. Nguyen-Luan

    In general,Nas’ message is as a father and man,be responsible and take care of your son(s)and/or daughter(s)


  6. Jade

    That was such a good video. Wow :)Nas did a good job with the song and video


  7. HeavyHeavy

    love the video, love the song – real music with a message. This needs to go number 1!!!


  8. Jeana H.

    This video is beautiful!


  9. NICK

    LUV IT! Sounds like it cuda been on “Gods Son” or “Stillmatic”

    Next he needs a “Radio” song feat….. hmmmm I Dunno – RITA ORA Perhaps???


  10. ponce

    the best repper alive


  11. prof

    Very great rapper….second only to hov.


  12. Hugh

    Glad I ain’t got kids yet.


  13. TheDreamer

    WOW….great original concept. I love this deserves a lot of recognition.


  14. Pleasure Boy

    Nas thank you for this real shit!!!!

    PS fucck Birdman and Rick Ross for making hiphop look stupid.


  15. sunshine

    This shit made,me cry!!! I was very touched by this!!


  16. shhh Navry24 lop Candaxc

    great song & MUSIC VIDEO


  17. cookie

    I love this song & video BUT i am DYING to know who the guy with the teardrop tattoo is , like i am DYING :| does anybody know?


    Odaijah Reply:

    @cookie, his name is Andre Gano. He’s gorgeous


    boo Reply:

    @cookie, yes he is


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