Alicia Keys Speaks at Social Innovation Summit [Video]

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys has been in the studio cooking up new music, but she took time out of her busy schedule to promote another one of her passions, philanthropy. The Grammy-winning singer was a guest speaker at the Social Innovation Summit at United Nations Plaza in New York City. She spoke about why she started her Keep a Child Alive foundation and how her trip to Africa in the early 2000s opened her eyes to the AIDS pandemic.

“It was human beings that I was meeting and seeing and coming in contact with and they were my age,” said Alicia. “They were five years younger than me and they had dealt with the most difficult, horrible circumstances and situations, and watched their parents just die and could do nothing about it because there was no way on Earth to access medicine.”

Hear her powerful words.

[Alicia Keys Media]

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  1. DeeJay

    I saw this early today, it was great. Love AK, can’t wait for the album.



  2. Guess

    Such a heart. O/T, she’s so sex + her voice is sex.


  3. Jake

    She’s beautiful, talented, a humanitarian and doesn’t resort to getting naked to remain relevant.


  4. Hip-Hop Fiend

    I would cheat on my girl if with Alicia Keys and would not care if she found out.


  5. Mark

    She’s very well spoken.


  6. Jodi

    Alicia Keys has found her purpose in live by following her spirit. God has blessed her with musicially talent and she has soared as she help to save children and parents from death by AIDS.

    God will continue to bless her.


  7. TheDreamer

    I love Alicia. She’s talented, beautiful and does amazing philanthropy work. Can’t wait to hear new music from her!


  8. Karen

    I love Alicia’s commitment to the Aids cure. She seemed genuinely touched by what she saw in Africa and she chose not to just ignore it. Not many people would have taken on what she did and I have much respect for her for that reason. I wish her only the best.


  9. Sonya

    Alicia is Love. Anyone even thinking about hating on her should be ashamed.


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