Lauryn Hill and Nas Surprise at Summer Jam

Nas and Lauryn Hill

Hip-hop royalty graced the stage at Hot 97 Summer Jam. Following sets from Big Sean, Young Jeezy, J. Cole, and Waka Flocka Flame, Nas made a surprise appearance at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

“We back up on this motherfu**in’ stage like we never left,” said the Queens MC, who pleased the hometown crowd with hits from his expansive catalog including his latest “The Don.”

But he wasn’t the only surprise of the night. Lauryn Hill emerged to the tune of “Ready or Not,” taking hip-hop heads back with “Lost Ones” and uniting with Nas on “If I Ruled the World.” The former Fugee was seen driving around backstage on a golf cart with her kids.

Nas and Lauryn were rumored to be Nicki Minaj’s surprise guests before she pulled out of Sunday’s show. Watch the living legends perform below.

“If I Ruled the World”

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  1. JOKER

    Lauryn Hill >>>>>>>>>>> nicki minaj


    OpD2 Reply:

    @JOKER,true but nicki was the one who brought lauren out,nicki planed this,then she got dis so lauren and nas end up performing alone.


    Ha! Reply:

    @OpD2, not true.. Nicki invited Nas to perform with her. Nas was going to perform anyway and his guest was Lauryn. I’m sure she would have asked Lauryn but she did not bring her


  2. jayman

    ONLY reason they was there was cuz of nicki


    Lauryn Reply:


    F__K OFF


    OpD2 Reply:

    @Lauryn, jayman is telling the truth.


    kiddcareless Reply:

    @OpD2, yeah


    Marie Reply:

    @jayman, and????? who gives a fuck! Lauryn is STILL better than Nicki!


  3. Reece Fernando

    I love me some Lauryn!!! Nas is Hip Hop!!!


  4. MinajRules2012

    MF’S Better Pay Respect Because If It Wasn’t For NICKI MINAJ Lauryn Hill WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN THERE. & All The Other People She Was Set To Perform With/Bring Out. Take A Seat.


    LaciaNIGGA Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, As you can see, both Nas and Lauryn didn’t care. They stayed and SLAYED. Something your fave can’t. Ha!


    M. Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, WTF u better pay respect to REAL hip hop. Its a good thing Nicki pulled out b/c she would have looked out of place around these legends. Yall can keep tht fake Barbie Sh*t i’ll take this any day


    RDK Reply:

    @M., she wouldn’t look out of place,if nicki wasn’t hip-hop as you all claimed her to be why would 2 living legends[to me lauren is in a class by her self when it comes to that legendary status]of the hip-hop core would agree to go on stage with nicki minaj think about that.


  5. Lea

    Lauren Hill over Nicki.


    ALLENJ173 Reply:

    @Lea, Lauren Hill Is and will Always be The Best In The Game :)


    Morgan Reply:

    @ALLENJ173, WORD!


  6. Flexy

    Yeah , Real ish from a Real Voices
    ….Nas & Lauryn….best Hip Hop Couple Ever


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  8. WonderLand19

    Hip Hop right there!


  9. Kam

    Man Lauryn and Nas are beast. Lauryn needs to drop another album or some new singles.


  10. @4everlawayne

    Hate how y’all talkin like y’all really know! Lol
    What if it was nas idea for him to be a surprise guest?
    Just because nicki was supposed2 bring em out don’t mean she did everything by herself lol


  11. M.

    This post doesnt have anything to do w/ Nicki Minaj! So what if she was “Supposed” to bring them out, her pimp lil wayne told her not to perform so yall point is irrelevant.
    Nas (the King) & Lauyrn (the Queen) killed it and thats all that needs to be said!


  12. joey

    the entire building (including myself) lost their damn minds when l boogie came out. it was one of the high lights of the night no doubt


  13. TheDreamer

    WOW…those people witnessed hip-hop legends on stage.


  14. checory

    Lauryn Hill Released a statment and said she was not there because of NICKI.. yall not doing yall research she was there for Nas ..


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