New Music: Flo Rida f/ RedFoo of LMFAO – ‘Run’


Flo Rida celebrates National Running Day (who knew?) with his new song “Run” featuring RedFoo of LMFAO. The accompanying visuals star a voluptuous bikini-clad model running on the beach. Flo’s fourth album Wild Ones drops July 3, with appearances from Jennifer Lopez and Lil Wayne. Enjoy some audio and visual stimulation below.

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  1. Libo

    oooh an almost naked woman in a Flo’s video?? How rare!!


  2. Ummmm


    Wake up people!


  3. Sbuam

    fake tits and cellulite


  4. Ruthy



  5. 100

    @Libo, It’s not an official music video.


  6. 33

    The songs fine, not the best though.


  7. LaMont

    DAMN! I love the slow motion great video horrible song.


  8. EYECANDY!!! Check out the very very voluptuous video vixen running in Flo-Rida’s new video for “RUN” | 97.9 The Beat

    [...] SOURCE : RAP-UP [...]

  9. ericalolaluv

    wow record companies are really saving on videos, this video must of cost $200..


  10. mR.rAGERRR

    this is dumb all around. dumb song, dumb video. Her legs look nasty in slow mo too lolll


  11. Dav3theRav3951

    this is terrible


  12. KayeV

    why Lord , why …


  13. Hugh

    This is the best song ever!

    Even better than the other songs on WILD ONES


  14. shiva

    whats the name of the girl in bikini in florida’s run ft. redfoo song


  15. bob

    who is the girl in the video ??????????????


  16. lewigi

    masika kalysha is the girl


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