Trey Songz Sets ‘Chapter V’ Release Date

Chapter V

Trey Songz is ready to embark on the next chapter of his career. The R&B superstar has announced the release date for his fifth album Chapter V.

The follow-up to 2010’s Passion, Pain, & Pleasure will arrive on August 21 featuring the Benny Blanco and Rico Love-produced single “Heart Attack,” with features from Lil Wayne, Big Sean, J. Cole, and Kelly Rowland.

“I’m definitely trying to leap forward with every album, and with this album, I think it’s a leap forward and a leap into the past,” Trey told “I want to embody in this album—this fifth album, which is very monumental for me—what I am, where I came from, and where I’m going. I just think it’s going to be very fluent, very diverse, yet very cohesive album.”

The second single “2 Reasons” featuring T.I. is scheduled to hit iTunes on June 12. A video was shot in April in Atlanta with director Benny Boom.

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  1. Luv

    Great! I can’t wait. I love Heart Attack.


  2. It will flop



  3. kelly macinotsh

    why do people care so much about “sales”? good music is good music wether it sells 3.5 million copies it’s first week or not.


  4. Cranberry

    Watch out, Fist Brown. ;)


    FanofaFan2 Reply:

    @Cranberry, He can’t even get a platinum album. Take your dick riding ass somewhere. Crusty bitch.


    Speechless Reply:

    @FanofaFan2, How much did FAME sell? I’ll wait…


    maya Reply:

    @Speechless, um it went platinum & was the #1 album in the country. YOU TRIED IT!


  5. IMP

    A Clone’s Obsession….





  7. FanofaFan2

    Is that his album cover?


  8. i love trey songz♥

    omg can’t wait for the album to come out :* ❤ *__*


  9. andy

    omg I’m gonna be 20 when this actually drops


  10. Yaasss

    I am ready for this.


  11. TheDreamer

    Day after my birthday. Can’t wait till this album. I love the singles.


  12. Elena

    iloveyou trey songz


  13. maya

    I really hope he brings something new to the table with this album b/c all his songs sound exactly the same.


  14. Yes I STAN

    Odc about the numbers, as long as he keeps makin beautiful music Ill keep supporting him! @Maya, did u listen to Anticipation 2? I think that shows his variety and range the best! Anyway I love him and I can not wait!!


  15. Wannabe R. Kelly Clone

    Oh Billy Goat! No one cares about you anymore! Just go away with your wannabe R. Kelly lookin’ a**!


    rapule Reply:

    @Wannabe R. Kelly Clone, that’s jealousy the dude is doin his on shit stop hating and a life


  16. Music Addict

    Why so much hate though? Trey is one of the most influential artists and showed the most growth lyrically, musically, and personally. The fact you’re trying to even compare him is ridiculous. He makes great music & if you’ve followed his career musically like his REAL fans have, you know this. In 7 years he has NOT fell off, some artists these days can’t even stay in the game 2 years & be a success so relax & get yourself musically inclined & do your research, relax.


  17. Mrs. Tremaine Aldon Neverson

    August 21st!!!!! Get Here Already!!!!!!


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    [...] Songz takes it to the club with T.I. on “2 Reasons,” the second single off his fifth album Chapter V, dropping August [...]

  20. gtfoh!



  21. rapule

    but why so far? the album is dropping at august that’s way too far


  22. mizz pretty

    Yupp…can’t wait till da album drops…gunna b a hot one…Trey songz alwayz make gud music…


  23. Bran~ManBitc

    So bra bra but F.A.M.E. only went gold In us with 36mil sold an gold in Ireland also in Australia don’t you dare say plat, an stop the hate talkin about flop cause you be the main bi**h downloading a highs shit for free so if it flop that’s why June supportive bi**h. Bear sharin ahh nigga (An he’ll no I ain’t gay!)


  24. Vardrene Wilson

    I love you trey songz you are the best and u make me want to have a Heart Attack everytime i see u on t.v because you are so Damn fine and sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  25. Leaked

    Just Get The Leaked Version !


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