André 3000 Rocks as Jimi Hendrix in Biopic

André 3000

André 3000 channeled the original black hippie, Jimi Hendrix, on set of All Is by My Side in Dublin, Ireland. The OutKast rapper rocked an Afro and Hendrix’ signature ’60s attire while shooting scenes for the biopic. He cozied up to his co-star Hayley Atwell, who plays Linda Keith, the woman who discovered the late rock star in New York’s Cheetah Club in 1966.

According to the Irish Film and Television Network, Hendrix’s estate does not endorse the movie and will not allow his music to be used.

All Is By My Side captures the energy, the charisma, the mind-boggling talent of a legend whose musical influence still resonates around the world today,” stated the film’s producers. “Based on actual interviews and archival materials, All Is By My Side brings authenticity and poignantly reveals a Jimi Hendrix behind the legend. At its heart a love story, All Is By My Side is about a man growing up, falling in love, and becoming Jimi.”

Check out more photos from the set below.

André 3000

André 3000

André 3000

André 3000

Photo credit: Splash News

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  1. andreeefan

    love it!


  2. Shade

    Why the Hendrix estate so against this…losers



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  4. Mogley

    This looks aweful! Doesn’t resemble Jimi one bit.


  5. Cleo

    I agree with Mogley. THEY ARE 2 COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SKIN COMPLEXIONS!!! JIMI WAS MUCH LIGHTER! I’m so tired of these companies casting people to play great legends that look and sound nothing like them! Find an unknown that actually looks the part


    Damingo Brown Reply:

    @Cleo, what the hell are yall talking about, he look just like him. who would you pick to play Jimi. 3000 can play anything, he is a great actor. If you look at a pic of 3000 and jimi they look alike.

    When they pic a superstar to play someone they have to have some kind of look to them. Jamie Foxx as ray a you pic of ray and ray look like Jamie.

    Will Smith as Ali or denzel washington as Malcom X. so Be for yall wake up every day to do yall job as a hater get you facts right


    Cleo Reply:

    @Damingo Brown,

    No one is hating, so calm down. Will Smith looked nothing like Ali and Denzel wasn’t the BEST choice for Malcolm X. I agree with you that Jamie Foxx nailed the role of Ray Charles. He was magnificent as Ray. But Jimi is an icon that deserves the right person to play him.

    You must be very young to even think Jimi and Andree look a like. He doesnt even sound like him. Just give it up.


    Domic Reply:

    @Cleo, Amen! Black Bi Andre looks like Sammy Davis!


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  8. Charlie BZO

    Come on though be real, none of those actors really looked like the person they were portraying. They were styled to resemble them and had to capture the mannerisms and THAT’S what makes them “look” similar. But all that aside, it’s not about the look. The movie is a movie. It’s about the story and writing. Andre wanted this part and Im sure he can do a good job acting it. Idk about his music/voice tho. Im curious to hear his Jimi impression lol


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