Video: Tamia – ‘Beautiful Surprise’


Tamia shares her love in the video for “Beautiful Surprise.” The R&B songbird keeps it sexy, yet subtle in the breathtaking visuals, which were shot in Malibu, and feature a cameo from her husband, NBA star Grant Hill.

“The video’s gonna be filled with a lot of beautiful, editorial-type fashion and vignettes,” said director Ryan Pallotta. “The concept is this really beautiful performance and she’s kind of directing it towards Grant Hill, who’s her husband. He comes in and out of the video like a dreamlike fantasy.”

“After 15 years I got to work with my husband, so not a lot of acting there,” joked Tamia, who will release her album of the same name in August. “He was making me laugh when we’re supposed to be serious.”

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  1. MusiqLover

    This is like a jam from 1995. I like it.


  2. Kayla

    I love Tamia!! I’m so glad that she’s back! She is so underrated and has an amazing voice. Her looks are just a bonus.


  3. Timi

    OMG! She is so amazing woman! Her voice is really beautiful and the music sounds like 90′s. It’s real r&b, i’m so happy that she’s back! Hope people can appraise this.


  4. Timi

    P.S. Tamia looks like an angel!


  5. Bitchplease

    I love this woman ;)


  6. Phoenix Wright

    Such a nice song and nice video

    I always liked her. I must check out her discography, and I’m definitely looking forward to this album


  7. tooreal

    nice song and video i love tamia. she looks like teairra mari…anyways, tamia is so amazingly talented and she makes amazing albums… i cant wait


  8. dat dude

    Whoa! she looks amazing, let’s hope this amazing much much needed breath of fresh air of a song starts a trend In a music industry that Is declining by the day.


  9. Ice

    Tamia is the most beautiful R&B singer alive. Her music makes you feel a certain way inside, this may be my favorite single of hers since Officially Missing You. Her husband is a lucky man, Tamia is a perfect 10 in my book.





  11. Travis Lee



  12. Asa

    Wish I could view it in Canada, been dying to see this video for months. D:

    And she’s Canadian, making it sting that much more. ):

    Love the song though, I’ve played it so many times since she shared it online. Loves it. It’s got that classic, smooth, and effortless feel that I’ve always loved about Tamia.

    Can’t wait for the album. This woman is far too underrated.


  13. StrangerInMyHouse

    great song, great voice, beautiful woman.
    anything more to say?


  14. Songstress

    Tamia always remains herself, her work is always awesome !


  15. juicybear

    I love tamia!! shes gorg :) great voice…mos def getting her cd in Aug. along with Brandys of course lol


  16. INCAS

    great voice


  17. Takeit

    This song is AMAZING and so is the video!!!


  18. TForYou

    This is so VIBRANT!


  19. seal

    She looks terrific and this song is great!


  20. MamaD



  21. Zee

    STUNNING! She’ll be on 106 & Park this week and I cannot wait. #TeamTamia


  22. Fa

    How come there is no Beyonce comments from the peanut gallery!?
    They wouldn’t recognise real talent, class and vocals skillz if you beat them on the head with it!
    Tamia is the truth!
    Has been for ever since she came out and was 16!
    I have all of her records and she did so many future classics!


  23. LaMont

    I like this song and love the video! It’s nice seeing and hearing from her.It’s been a good minute!


  24. deenett



  25. Serenada'sPen

    Love Tamia’s vocal range and performance. She is a treasure in the music industry and should be given more attention. Since YOU PUT A MOVE ON MY HEART she has been given average acclaim. Not enough. It goes to show where the interest lies- Whoever is Popular and “kool” in the moment.
    @MusiqLover It does have that feel & that’s what I like about it too!
    @Kayla Tamia is underrated. Even though she took time off to be a wife and mother before then she didn’t receive the recogition and acclaim she deserved.
    @dat dude It feels like it’s declining for sure. The industry has a darkness.
    @Ice That’s what I love about her lyrics and songs. It makes you feel something. It’s Real
    @Zee I need to check her out on 106AndPark! Kool :)
    @Fa Deeply Rooted Music Lovers are commenting that’s why! ;)
    @LaMont Same Feelings too.


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