New Music: Tamia – ‘Still’ (Country Version)

Beautiful Surprise

Tamia breathes new life into her single “Still” with a country-flavored version of the Jermaine Dupri-produced song, which originally appeared on her 2004 album More. The R&B songstress re-recorded the song in Nashville with songwriter Claude Kelly, who is co-executive producer of her new album.

This time, she performed the song in one take with a group of Nashville country musicians. They played the record straight through two to three times and kept the best version, which will appear on Beautiful Surprise, due August 28.

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  1. chimajii

    first….shudnt she be making new material…rather than milking old songs…what for???..if at all this shud be news worthy*though it is*….it shud have been about a brand new track…..


    Janelle Reply:

    @chimajii, This is 1 song from her album of ALL BRAND NEW MUSIC. It’s not her next single so she is not “milking” anything. I hate uninformed opinionated Internet loud mouths.
    If you read up about it you would know she did this song all the way through in 1 take with the musicians playing at the same time. No auto-tune No vocal tricks No studio technology to make her sound better. 90% of popular artists today can’t do that.


  2. Ice

    I agree with chimajii, the original was better imo. When I saw the album cover I thought it was going to be the 2nd single.


  3. Penny Proud Lil Sis



  4. Replay

    I don’t care, she sound always so sexy


  5. OH my

    Tamia sound amazing we love Tamia go girl


  6. yadig

    i hate country music with a passion


  7. hey

    No matter what she sings, she sounds ANGELIC… By the way this is her ONLY shot at success, she better release this to country radios!


  8. StrangerInMyHouse

    you people don’t seem to read the interviews and all. she re-recorded it because it’s a personal & important song for her. plus although it’s great it wasn’t very successful, so she did a country tinged version as the closing track for Beautiful Surprise as a gift for her fans.

    Still after 15 years she & grant are going strong. that’s all this does mean.
    the album sounds so good and Still 2012 is the topping.

    Tamia is a real artist, that’s how music should sound.
    wish her lots of success. natural beauty.


  9. Liam

    This is beautiful. Love Tamia!


  10. London's Finest Baby !

    Tamia is sexy !


  11. tooreal

    she sounds like an angel, i absolutely love tamia


  12. youMAD?stayMAD

    oh hell no! the original song is much better and “Still” is my all time favorite song from her but she f*cked this up!


  13. Kayla

    The original is better but I like this version too.


  14. J to the B down to the Aaa(Liyah)

    I understand that she re-recorded it and this verison is Nice


  15. KillaX

    TALENT!!!!! Tamia STILL sings daily. Her instrument is in amazing shape. She has always been a powerhouse super soprano. Had to listen all the way though, she sounds AMAZING! 1 take? STILL got it baby! Give me a hit song Tamia! You deserve all the success in the world. Beautify Sang.


  16. Asa

    Disappointed this is the last update on Tamia so far. Nothing for her album release? ): It’s so good…

    Love this version, love the original. This one has more emotion to it for me, maybe it’s because it’s live and one take. Maybe it’s because her relationship is older now. So it means that much more that they “Still”.


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