Ciara Brings Her ‘One Woman Army’ to ‘106 & Park’


With her CSquad cheering in the audience, Ciara stopped by “106 & Park” to drop off her video for “Sorry” and chat about her upcoming album One Woman Army, due this winter. Although it was New York Fashion Week, the stylish singer had to skip out because she has been rehearsing for her next music video.

She spoke about showcasing a more vulnerable side on the follow-up to 2010’s Basic Instinct. “One Woman Army really represents me as a woman and where I am right now,” said CiCi. “It represents my necessity to be strong, it represents my strength, my journey of things that I’ve experienced along the way, personally and professionally. I’m very vulnerable on the record, but I felt it was necessary to do it. This is exactly where I am in my life, so I thought why not share my life through my music? There’s nothing better than that.”

Her longtime mentor L.A. Reid has been instrumental in her new sound. “This is very special because he’s always believed in me, he’s always understood who I was as an artist and musically he’s just such a genius,” said Ciara, who is now signed to Reid on Epic Records.

If you missed it, catch Ciara’s TV appearance below.

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  1. dawnyminaj

    luv it


    Me Reply:

    @dawnyminaj, she’s wifey material. love ci ci


  2. PopMaster

    she needs her old team back she has not improved as an artist she is the same since day one Beyonce has 4 , rihanna has Rated R , Britney has blackout where is hers


    SMH Reply:

    @PopMaster, because her old team was improving her? more like surpressing.


    MYA Reply:

    @SMH, Ashanti has more than all bitches NO Female touch her Record Best open sales 503,000 first week HA


    KingBey Reply:

    @MYA, Hunni what shit are u smoking? do ya research b4 make such comments, B’Day sold 541,000 in its 1st week……have several seats hun.


    RealIssh Reply:

    @MYA, Do some research on the Queen baby boy !


    Love on top Reply:

    @PopMaster, you say this On every site? Why you so obsessed tho? What you mean she has no growth? She went from goodies » to the evolution (much more mature sound and vocals improved) then she had fantasy ride “She had a blend of RnB pop even an Urban Opera single (high price)…. What do you mean No growth Goodies » Promise » Love sex magic » Ride » Sorry there is growth… While we on with rihanna Ciara music has much more artistry and substance!!! And she writes and Co produces her music No growth bitch your ass knows her new single is flawless now you don’t know how to get her down seat shall be given


    nurse monique Reply:

    @Love on top, “Ciara music has much more artistry and substance”

    sorry but i STRONGLY DISAGREE…rihanna has songs like firebomb, p.s. (still not over you) wait your turn, and man down…those are just a few of her songs that show not only artistry but substance…ciara’s music is actually quite faint and boring actually…name one song that is actually a good example of “artistry”


    q Reply:

    @Love on top, which explains why she has so many Grammys, right? you know the award show that determines how much artistry and substance an artist has…………………………..yea………………………….


    PopMaster Reply:

    @q, bitch how many grammys that ciara have bitch sleep


  3. Sleazy

    @PopMaster, Ciara has “The evolution” & “Fantasy ride” actually I’ll go with fantasy ride Cus it sounds like nothing like her other work


  4. KingPhoenix

    This song, this video, her vocals, moves, and the story, and lyrics..EVERYTHING WAS JUST SOO PERFECT.!!!!


    WonderLand19 Reply:

    @KingPhoenix, PREACH!!! I’m so happy that she has gotten a better team who have woken her up.She has an amazing talent and i’m glad the music is meeting her talent.
    Fingers crossed the rest of the album is innovative and creative.


    Don't bE SO SORRIEy Man Orange Reply:

    @KingPhoenix, True That PREACH!!!


  5. Mr. Fye

    Man the crowd was C-Squad out


  6. WayneRules2012

    Flop! Get ready for another flop bitch! hope u would be able to handle another flop and being dropped by your new label!


    Haw Reply:

    @WayneRules2012, umm, what’s different about you name with MinajRules2012. R U both responsible for being hater?


  7. Jay

    I can’t stop watching the Sorry video!!! The song is amazing and the video too. You can tell the song is coming from a real place. Love you CiCi!!! C-Squad!!!! :)


  8. boom boom

    Don’t this Hass Been get tired of FLOPING all over the place??


  9. ERICA

    ciara has the worst fans. They claim how her stuff is so hott and refreshing but do not go out and support her. I was such a big fan of hers when she first came out but her music has sound the same and boring since then…all her dance records sound alike and all her slower jams sound alike. On “sorry”, her vocals were VERY VERY weak on the prechorus and although the song was different for her approach it still fell flat sound wise.

    im not a hater, im just sick of FAKE fans that can’t keep it real about their artist


  10. Don't bE SO SORRIEy Man Orange

    I’d Love to see Ciara princess do some acting in a Movie


  11. @kgaultier

    Despite wtf y’all yellin Ciara has shown soo much growth! This song is a hit! This is real R&B! Yall just hating cause she actually stuck to something more of her style, she’s stayin true to her self, nd delivering what she knows her real fans want. That R&B side that she’s amazing with
    yall were expectin pop, nd got a good ass r&b hit
    she released this song at a perfect time. Nd this song sounds like promise a lil bit, but the topic is wayyy different. GREAT JOB CIARA, IM A FAN ND I LOVE YOUR MUSIC, ND WILL CONTINUE TO SUPPORT U! I’LL RIDE WITH #CSQUAD! Rhianna nd Beyonce have choreographers, Ciara is her own choreographer! Haha don’t be hatin cause Ciara raw with er shit.


  12. D

    This is it!She’s back!To the people who’s saying all her stuff sounds the same and theirs no growth,nothing on Basic Instinct or Fantasy Ride sounds like this.Fantasy Ride was so different and I liked it but clearly there has been growth.For those talking about artistry an substance lets listen to “Found Myself”,”The Title”,”So Hard”,”My Love” and those are just a couple to name a few…Which she all wrote or co wrote so substance and artistry wise Ciara is the same level as Rihanna if we were just talking the music.


  13. FutureAlpha

    Just to get this out stop calling her a flop. Basic Instinct was her only flop album which her true fans still got.


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