New Music: Mary J. Blige – ‘Everyday People’

Jermaine Dupri, Mary J. Blige, and Bryan-Michael Cox

After wrapping her “Liberation” tour with D’Angelo this month, Mary J. Blige keeps the music coming with a new record. The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul puts a new spin on Arrested Development’s 1992 hit “People Everyday,” produced by Jermaine Dupri and Bryan-Michael Cox.

MJB is in Montreal this week shooting Betty & Coretta. She plays Malcolm X’s wife Betty Shabazz alongside Angela Bassett (Coretta Scott King) in the Lifetime biopic.


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  1. NET

    OMG I Love this !!!


    MinajQueenofAmericanIdol Reply:

    @NET, Girl sit Mary!! You’re looking very OLD these days! Has Been.


    Fa Reply:

    @MinajQueenofAmericanIdol, sich sad pethetic minaje fan. you have changed your name but I still will chase you until you are blocked again!


  2. ahhh

    Real music love it


  3. Shaunie

    umm Arrested development ?


    fancyPants Reply:

    @Shaunie, lol I know…. Like What???


  4. pete

    not bad,sample time


  5. KayeV

    oooooo yes !!!


  6. anthony

    Great, i love it. something else i can add to my mary playlist.


  7. xedos

    these guys ran out of ideas


  8. yooo

    Mary has officially ran out of ideas. I’m a huge MJB fan, but even Stevie Wonder can see she’s at a creative road block. It’s hard for her to just simply make a record because all of her albums are based of “themes”. “The Breakthrough”, “Growing Pains”, she even had to revert to the “My Life” dayz to get people interested. My suggestion is she takes over Adult Contemporary and work with ?uestlove and James Poyser. She should do an album that has a complete throwback feel. She’ll get what shes looking for.


    MRB Reply:

    @yooo, I agree with you totally!!! Im a HUGE MJB fan. I buy every album she puts out because its MJB but The last 3 albums have been lacking!! It seems when she does throwback feel type music it always works!! On the real I dont like this song!! She can do way better then this!!


  9. K down to the C up Town Boyiee

    not bad taste in Music MJB


  10. Mr.King

    She is misguided, the people in her camp keep telling her that her fans want the old Mary, the sad down and out Mary so she tries to recreate that girl but now is contrived. She had evolved as a artist and a person and because sales werent where she was used to them being she was so afraid of people not accepting that but she should have kept going and gave us who she is today. She needs to do that Rock album she was talking about work with like Radio head or bjork, step out the box a little bit. I havent been able to listen to her in a long time. Its not as authentic.


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