Video: Rick Ross f/ T.I. – ‘Bury Me a G’ [Trailer]

Bury Me a G

Say your prayers. Rick Ross reflects on life after death in the dark video for “Bury Me a G,” his collaboration with T.I. off MMG’s Self Made, Vol. 2 compilation. A white hearse rolls down the block in the brief trailer, directed by DRE Films and Jon J. The full video, co-starring Tip, will premiere on Wednesday.

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  1. asd

    you aint no G you fat shit your just a imposter with a drug dealer name you fake ass bitch you will get baried but you won’t come back alive because you will be crushed in the grave again again again again again again you came in the music industry with fakeness and you die as a fake muthafucka no body cares about you


    The Beast Reply:

    @asd, umad?


  2. Mrunhateable

    I wanna like Rick Ross.. I really do but I can’t I’m sorry. It’s not even because of the security bs either. I hate his beat selections because they all sound the same. That and the fact all these publications said he was the hottest rapper then his album flops. He way too over hyped IMO.


  3. Bigboi

    didn’t young jeezy have a song called bury me a g?


  4. TIAGO

    Never will be a G.


  5. R to the Y up C sunnie

    guess yall don’t like him cause he fat Nigga Good Music no hating Stfup


  6. R to the Y up C sunnie

    good Music


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