Video: Nas f/ Amy Winehouse – ‘Cherry Wine’


Nas pours out some “Cherry Wine” and remembers his friend Amy Winehouse in his latest music video. The hip-hop legend works as a bartender in a lounge as footage of the late soulstress flashes against a brick wall. The Jay Martin-directed clip marks the fifth video from Nas’ Life Is Good album, which debuted at No. 1 in July.

“Amy was just one of a kind. We just clicked like that. May she rest in peace,” Nas told Rap-Up TV. “She’s watching us, she’s holding me down and I’m holding her down here. It’s just love forever.”

Nas will ring in 2013 with a concert at Radio City Music Hall in his hometown of New York City on New Year’s Eve, with opening act Elle Varner. Tickets are on sale now.

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  1. Nasty

    R.I.P Amy


  2. Humz

    Hmm… I’m a big Nas fan but tbh this was a bit dry… Not enough Amy. Too much shots of random woman for no particular reason… Not very themed or anything. It’s like Nas just wants to churn out as many videos as quick as possible… I mean we already have Nasty, The Don, Daughters, Bye Baby… Now Cherry Wine as well, with Loco-Motive and A Queens Story videos coming up too.
    I do like Nas a lot and I’m happy that he’s putting out lots of videos but… Should be quality over quantity.


    Humz Reply:

    And that Amy tribute at the end was way too short… should have continued for a few seconds more at least.


    iBzThuggin' Reply:

    @Humz, I believe he put out this video to actually shown tribute to Amy, that’s why he put it out there , but don’t get me wrong quality over quantity any day , just look from the man prospective for once ….

    && the Tribe was a little too short, but again the whole video is for AMY


  3. J

    Dont make it an issue. This process could have been painful for him and no he is not the director. You also have to acknowledge what her family has approved and it was tasteful. Just pay homage. He struggles as being a great rapper as is. I agree it should have been more but the key word here is feature.


  4. Cherry

    Such a beautiful collaboration. It still hurts so bad to hear her voice and realize she only lives with us through her legacy.

    By the way, I think the vocal edit at the end could have been done so much better.


    MusicJunkie Reply:

    @Cherry, i know ‘ i tear up just listening to her voice in the track .


  5. music heals

    Complaints complaints complaints!!! Great video Nas…l’ m sure Amy is VERY PROUD of you! Nas is a true artist and he showed his love for Amy in such a tasteful way in Cherry Wine! Continued blessing Nas and rest in peace Amy because you are missed!


    REAL R&B LOVER Reply:

    @music heals, I totally agree. Ya’ll find something to complain about. Nas didn’t have to release it as a single or video. He want to pay tribute to his friend. Kudos Nas for a great song, video and album. Real hip hop. Nothing forced, real grown & sexy unlike other s*** thats out here…


  6. Fresh87

    Nas payed homage to Amy in a respectful way,and no the tribute was not short at all. I swear all you people complain,and nik pic over the little stuff. Nas is the only dude that’s paying homage to amy,no one else in the industry is.Great video.


  7. Looney

    It still hurts me that Amy’s no longer w/ us.


  8. RoyalTprod

    Perfect vid…nas is the don…newyorkkkk ciittyy!!!!!!


  9. happy

    Classic! Classic! Nas, this is why I tell everyone in the local barbershops that you are the greatest. Your creativity throughout your career has been so great. Your music is fresh and always rewarding to true inspiring artists. You have been in the game for so long and to that I tip my hat off to you big homie. You are the G.O.A.T! R.I.P Amy, we love you!

    It will never be another Amy and most definitely not another rapper like Nasir!!! The Greatest Rapper Alive, period!!!


  10. R to the Y down C sunnie K

    Beautiful Music Video Song


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