Will Smith Freestyles with Doug E. Fresh at Gabrielle Union’s Birthday

Will Smith and Doug E. Fresh

Will Smith and Doug E. Fresh were the life of the party while attending Gabrielle Union’s 40th birthday celebration in Miami on Saturday. Wearing a Phillies cap, the Fresh Prince got on the mic and freestyled while Doug E. Fresh beatboxed.

“I’m thinking about taking the H and O out of Hollywood, putting a W-I and make it Willywood/ That’s kinda hot, I really should/ Crazy thing is if I want to, I really could,” rapped Will, who rapped a similar verse on “106 & Park.”

Big Will also performed “Summertime” and the theme song from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” as celebrity guests including Dwyane Wade looked on. They didn’t stop there, rhyming over Cali Swag District’s “Teach Me How to Dougie.”

“Wow. Epic night. Fresh prince and dougie fresh just shut it down,” tweeted D-Wade.

Watch the hip-hop legends rock the mic.

Video via Julia Beverly/Ozone

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  1. Rena

    I loved it. The Fresh Prince and Dougie Fresh at the same time is a PARTY!!! I wish was there!


  2. MinajRules2013too

    Boy SIT!! He is so corny to me! Undercover f*g.


    John Reply:

    @MinajRules2013too, You’re a youngster so you won’t know anything about real HIP HOP/RAP would you? .. Go and listen to your garbage minaj kiddie tracks.


    Tre C. Reply:

    @MinajRules2013too, Shut your hating ass up hoe. When would your opinion ever matter?


    coco Reply:

    @MinajRules2013too, shut it up over there!


  3. Rena

    I loved it. The Fresh Prince and Dougie Fresh at the same time is a PARTY!!! I wish I was there!


  4. Mark

    Old school right there. Youngsters wouldn’t understand. LOL


  5. Sally

    Okay, so Chris Brown does the 2nd best Dougie. Yeah, Dougie took us to school with the Dougie Blueprint. That was fun.


  6. flysly

    loved it!


  7. bigwil

    Still better than Drake,Lil wayne ect


    Mrunhateable Reply:

    @bigwil, I love will smith but let’s not get carried away


    Kitty Reply:

    @Mrunhateable, Will is better than Lil Wayne


  8. Blaq Republican

    when rap was rap


  9. have a seat

    all that money Gabby Union (and dwayne wade) has and this is who they wanted at the bday…-_- i guess


  10. niuhuskie

    c dougie fresh at the airport all the time. douche bag on so many levels and for so many reasons and the brother is played out. Is that his only talent making beats with his mouth. gtfoh.


  11. Jay

    Who doesn’t love Will Smith! He’s seriously one of the greatest entertainers and one of my top favorite actors. Big Willy just killed that! Also, he and Gabrielle should do a movie together. And I still know the rap to the Fresh Prince theme song!!! Ha! Yep! :)


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