Kendrick Lamar Sings ‘Silent Night,’ Reveals Childhood Crush on Brandy

Kendrick Lamar

It’s Kendrick Lamar like you’ve never seen him before. While lying down on a couch, the “Swimming Pools” rapper opens up to Fuse in his most intimate interview yet. He recalls performing “Silent Night” in the third grade (and even sings some of it), shares his favorite cartoon character, and reveals the best Christmas gift he’s received.

He also remembers beating up a female bully who pulled on his ears in second grade. “I lifted her up and slammed her,” said K-Dot. “And I don’t hit girls. That was my last time doing that. I told my mama that I won’t do that again.”

Plus, he shares his biggest regret and crush on Brandy when he was seven. “I found this four-leaf clover and my wish was to meet Brandy for my birthday,” he said. “The wish never came true though.”

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  1. x

    lol awww. The image i have of him picking up and slamming the girl is hilarious LOL. i bet his ears looked cute though at that age.


  2. Yasmine

    The music has got me dying.


  3. TIAGO

    Yeah, I believe… fuc


  4. EyFresh

    I love niggas music.


  5. WhoCares

    But the real question is … what does his girlfriend look like? Why is she in hiding? Is she ugly?


    Ice Reply:

    @WhoCares, Who Sherane? I want to know too.


    Shae Reply:

    @Ice, lmfao wtf? Sherane isn’t his girlfriend. As a matter of fact, she’s just a hoodrat he used to fuck with… the same bitch who set him up. Btw, his girlfriend is goregous. She isn’t all glammed up like these other rapper’s girlfriends. She reminds me of J. Cole’s girl.


  6. kdot

    lmaooo whats up with the music??


  7. Jade

    He is adorable in that pic


  8. haleigh

    He’s so cute!!


  9. Les-Ego

    Mmmmm he really looks cute ey:-)! Ya Bish


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