Game Prepares to Walk Down the Aisle in ‘Marrying the Game’ [Trailer]

Tiffney Cambridge and Jayceon Taylor

The Game has changed. Compton’s gangsta rapper shows a softer side in “Marrying the Game,” his new reality series for VH1. The show follows the unlikely love story of Jayceon Taylor aka “The Game” and his straight-laced school teacher fiancée Tiffney Cambridge as they prepare to exchange vows, with appearances from their two children, King Justice and Cali Dream. Check out the super-trailer before the premiere on November 19 at 9:30 p.m. EST.

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  1. Music Lover

    this we have here is REALity. This is gonna be good. cant wait to see this.

    Trailer is everything


  2. Yasmine

    Everybody can get a reality show nowadays, damn! Who’s next? The Debarges? The Sylvers?


    Triniti Reply:

    @Yasmine, lmfaooooo….you did NOT just say The Sylvers. I’m weak!


    FML Reply:

    @Yasmine, DeBarges would be interesting though…


    Raj Reply:

    @Yasmine, LOL.


  3. game

    how can i watch it from Canada/ Toronto?


  4. FML

    His wife looks like she nearing 50, she’s pretty though


  5. Ryan

    It actually looks pretty decent


  6. lyric commander lee

    it does look good tho


  7. D

    The game is soooo phoine! As a gay man i’m in LOOOOOVE! lol


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