Video: Ludacris f/ Usher & David Guetta – ‘Rest of My Life’

Usher and Ludacris

Ludacris and Usher live life to the fullest in the video for their empowering record “Rest of My Life.” The ATLiens perform on a smoke-covered road and wave their lighters as motivational images flash across the screen. David Guetta speeds in a smart car, a shirtless Luda waves the U.S. flag, and even NBA star Chris Paul makes a cameo.

Luda pitched the collaboration to Usher while they were flying in first class. “Never did a record like this in my life, crazy how this came together,” he said. “I’ve been on a million Usher records. This is my first record featuring Usher. History has been made.”

The David Guetta-produced track will appear on Luda’s upcoming album Ludaversal, due early next year.

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  1. MinajRules2013too

    Boy BYE!!! Ludacris HANG IT UP!! You’re DONE, your last hit was “My Chick Badd” thanks to the Queen Minaj. You’re HAS BEEN now, you can go all the techno POP all you want and you’re still a Has Been!!!!


    EP23 Reply:

    @MinajRules2013too, calm down, its a decent song…


  2. Clarence

    I think it’s a nice song He’s just making music for the people that support him Majority of rap fans don’t buy And support There music So fuck rap get your money


  3. Clarence

    Nice song


  4. VitiNhow

    Ludaaaa DTP !! Niceeeee niggaaaS


  5. Lamb

    #NOTFEELINGIT. Video was not inspirational in my opinion, and Usher sounded horrible. By the way, I hate David Guetta tracks.


  6. juAn

    Liked the song but feel that Usher shined more than Luda


  7. Arie

    I’m starting to feel like every song that features David Guetta is part of one giant mixtape and I keep hoping he will release it and we will be able to move on from this phase we are stuck in.


  8. Jay

    WOW!!! I love it!!! The song and video are amazing!!!! Very well done direction and the production is insane!!! Luda and Usher killed on this one!!!! For the rest of my liiiiiffe!!! :)


  9. Christina

    While i’m okay with this song…its seems more like an Usher song with a Luda feature because luda is BARELY on it. I would have been happier with LESS singing, more rapping. But oh well.


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