André 3000 Calls Frank Ocean an ‘Icon,’ Uncertain About New OutKast Album

André 3000

André 3000 doesn’t do many interviews, but he sat down with Fuse to raise awareness for prostate cancer as part of Gillette’s “Movember” campaign. Dressed in a beanie and denim jacket, the OutKast rapper spoke about working with T.I. on “Sorry,” being proud of his partner-in-rhyme Big Boi, and collaborating with Frank Ocean on his debut channel ORANGE.

“He said, ‘I just want you to tell a story. Honestly, I don’t care what it is, just tell a story,’” said Three Stacks of the Odd Future singer. “When I got the track ['Pink Matter'], I just started writing to it. I’m just happy to be a part of that whole movement and his whole movement because he has become a whole ‘nother kind of icon in today’s age. I was just happy to be a part of that album.”

He also said that plans for another OutKast album are up in the air. “We don’t know what the future will be. There could be, I just can’t say right now,” he said, while warning fans not to believe everything they read.

“If we decide to do something, you’ll know about it,” he added. “The Internet is such a misinformation age right now. There’s so much bad stuff that you don’t even know what to believe, so don’t believe anything about OutKast on the Internet until we say it.”

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  1. @dirtyPEACHES

    So thats a ‘no’ on new Outkast music? :(


  2. firealarm

    So basically Big Boi is all for it but for some reason 3k doesn’t want to.


  3. Speechless

    Either break up or make another album. I’m so tired of them, especially Andre, always dodging it knowing the fans want it. I’m tired of waiting.


  4. Yasmine

    “Pink Matter” should be Frank’s next single.


    duh Reply:

    @Yasmine, Did you ask yourself how pink matter would be his next single if it was on the already released channel orange… maybe next video but not next single


    yng Reply:

    @duh, that makes no sense at all…she was saying ‘pink matter’ should be his next single from the album which means it would come with a video


  5. Pereezy.Tunechi YMCMB MMG

    They’re a Bunch of P**sies


  6. anon

    Andre 3000 most definitely needs to come out with at least 1 solo album, and as far as OutKast is concerned, they’ll never break up, 3 stacks and Big Boi are brothers foreal, they’re forever…

    OutKast has an amazing body of work, but I feel that they should do at least 1 more album as well, because leaving off with Idlewild is so dissapointing. Not saying that its a bad album, but its their worst in my opinion.

    What do ya’ll think?


  7. tuedsyo Boomz

    what the Hella he waiting on. might well working on frist album if there ain’t gonna be nO OutKast album period


  8. tuedsyo Boomz

    Uh-oh ain’t noone gonna be waiting for no Outkast album, may as well working on frist album solo


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