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Rihanna Talks Sex Life, Inspiration from Mariah Carey on ‘Ellen’

Rihanna visited “Ellen” on the first stop of her Unapologetic promo tour on Wednesday. A red-hot RiRi opened up about her sex life, her connection to Mariah Carey, and her plans to start a family.

The last time she visited Ellen, she told her that things weren’t going so well with her love life and pointed to her private area. But things are looking up for “her.” “She’s having a little more fun now,” laughed RiRi. “Hooray for her!”

She said that she is not dating anyone, but “absolutely” wants kids and is prepared to be a single mother if she had to. “I would prefer to have a full family,” she said. “I’m pretty sure I could handle it if I had to on my own, but that’s not what I’m striving for.”

She also shared how a fellow pop diva inspired her. “I remember looking up to people like Mariah Carey the most. I identified with her in so many ways,” said RiRi. “She was biracial, she was also young, and I remember just hearing her story and really being connected to it.”

Plus, she played a game of “Who Would You Rather?” where she had to pick between Brad Pitt or George Clooney, Sofia Vergara or Halle Berry, and Ryan Gosling or Channing Tatum. See who RiRi fancies.

  • Fa

    Why so skinny> ? and short hair??
    She thinks she is Jody Watley 87?

    • TeamBeyKimJayRih

      @Fa, What? she don’t have short hair and she is not skinny she is just tall

    • Jewel

      @Fa, get some confidence and stop worrying about the size of other people lame

    • Harry

      @Fa, LMFAO.

  • Audrey Hepburn

    She is so youthful and exudes such grace and beauty. Bravo Ms. Fenty. :)

    • DRB

      @Audrey Hepburn, Grace (along with well spoken or class) is not something I’d associate with her but ok.

      • Sam

        @DRB, funny because she had all that here but ok

  • TeamBeyKimJayRih

    I loved it #TeamNavy everyone go buy the album Monday!!!

  • av

    Argh wen is thi album leaking so I can download it online.

    • @antonysheph

      @av, This is why she has never had a number 1 album..

      • CHJ

        @@antonysheph, beyonce’s last 3 albums leaked honey and she has never NOT had a number 1. Just Saying.

        • Whatcha_Sayin

          @CHJ, yes but wasn’t Talk That Talk on a list of the most pirated albums of 2012? All albums leak. Not just Beyoncé

          • Guest

            @Whatcha_Sayin, Sorry, but this is bullshit

            No one wouldn’t buy an album anymore just because a leak is online. Maybe they don’t liked it? And that’s the point: You can’t say Rihanna would sell all those cd’s without the internet.

        • Sam

          @CHJ, beyonce name is always brought up on a rihanna post but not vice versa….huh

  • @cookierox40

    Rihanna is beautiful and she exemplifies the maturity of a strong young woman with a compromising future and outlook in life#rihannanavy

  • Rymz missing u&me

    Nice interview

  • Meme

    All of her interviews are awesome. Beauty, charm, personality n great music…when will your favs

  • Yasmine

    Ellen is a fool lol.

  • Jay

    Funny interview! HER. LOL Love Rihanna!!! She really seems like a cool chick!!! :)

  • Polly

    Damn she’s gorgeous …like when she first came out

  • UwishUKnewMe

    Do you RiRi! Hope you and Chris get hitched.

  • tuedsyo Boomz

    wonderful INterview