New Music: Lil Wayne – ‘Awkward’

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne takes it to the bedroom on his sexually-explicit track “Awkward,” a leak off DJ Stevie J’s mixtape The Appreciation Volume 5. The Young Money MC describes his sexual chemistry with a girl he has nothing in common with.

“I tell her that that pu**y for me,” sings Tunechi, whose new album I Am Not a Human Being II is due February 19.

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  1. Jacksmith

    WTF he sounds like a horse that just got ran over and that is trying to rap…


    da truth Reply:

    @Jacksmith, i bet he is still better than you :P


    Jacksmith Reply:

    @da truth, You sound so dumb, I posted my opinion and you can’t change that.


  2. Mrunhateable

    I liked it, but I wish weezy would get serious about rapping again. It’s a good song for a mix tape that isn’t his but I need that dedication no ceilings weezy back!


  3. Pereezy,Tyga's 187 Is Great YMCMB MMG

    #The Best Rapper Alive#


    sharlyn Reply:

    @Pereezy,Tyga’s 187 Is Great YMCMB MMG, Lmao Nopeee.


  4. Ana

    Pusha T > Lil Wayne


    TRUE SHIT... Reply:

    @Ana, Big Sean> Lil Wayne

    2 Chainz> Lil Wayne

    Lil Wayne is Garbage….


    ,. Reply:

    @Ana,f-ck pusha,only time that @ss hole gets headlines is when he is talking about YM,YM don’t even f-ck with him,i think wayne respond to him like one time,and from that he f-ck with him no more because that pusha is just one waist of time who needs wayne,wayne don,t need are want him to stay relevant,push don’t even get check for is own music only when he talks about ym he gets some press..because that pushad is part of GM he thinks he is more than what he is he needs a f-cking reality check.


  5. Thedon



  6. TrueMusicSeeker

    Lol these is not anything wrong with the song not something I would bang, but it’s a radio Song -_- what in my opinion most of Waynes music has been.


  7. maz

    this sounds horrible


  8. Chauncey

    Absolutely terrible. But then again … he’s been this way for a while.


  9. Abdullah

    Luvd it


  10. TonyToneDaChef

    Shit is wack lol go harder Wayne you falling off give me that vibe you was giving on dedication


  11. MuscleMan

    Recycle bin status… RIP Weezy F.


  12. Pour Rearz Boomztue

    oh boy = Dope


  13. Lily

    I will never understand how tf this guy sells 1million album in 1 week :§


  14. Lily

    Waka Flocka > Lil Wayne


  15. Schwag

    Lil Wayne > G.O.O.D Music

    simply genius


  16. morriskalb

    wayne a genius this song is catchy and melody sticks with you for a loooong time maybe forever , dope melody .


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