Usher Performs ‘Numb’ on ‘Ellen’


Usher worked up a sweat during his appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Backed by his dancers, the R&B heartthrob hit the stage to perform “Numb” from his chart-topping album Looking 4 Myself.

After showing off his fancy footwork, Ursh taught Ellen some dance moves with his video game Dance Central 3, but it was Ellen who came out on top.

Usher’s hit single “Climax” was just nominated for Best R&B Performance at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards and the Diplo-produced song was also named the top song of 2012 by TIME magazine.

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  1. Good Stuff

    Usher and all his POP sh$t.. SMH .. Numb is just as worst as scream. Usher has really flopped his career.


    intelligence Reply:

    @Good Stuff,

    Apparently you failed to read the blurb above the video. Usher received another grammy nomination. Typically that is a sign of success rather than flopping


    Rachel Reply:

    @Good Stuff, So is that why he just received yet another American Music Award and has garnered yet another Grammy nomination? LMAO. You tried, poor delusional soul.


    Pour Music LD Sodiler Reply:

    @Good Stuff, shut up & keep it moving u failed to realize stuff U don’t know music


  2. Good Stuff

    @intelligence , I’m aware that he got 1 Grammy Nom. For 1 song off of an entire album? The Grammys got it right Climax was the only worth worthy song on the whole CD. If his label don’t drop him, maybe he will stop with the God Awful techno pop stuff ..


  3. Max

    Maybe this song is pop as hell but his performance is perfect!



    He looks good in leather pance lawdddd


  5. TheoryMaker

    @Good Stuff: Well, in my opinion all the r&b artists today are making tons of pop music. I too wish they would stick more to r&b, but the truth is that those who are willing to actually pay for the music and not get a copy from their friends are the ones who enjoy listening the pop versions as well as the r&b. These artists are making music based on who’s spending the money on their albums. I’m just saying…


  6. Good Stuff

    @TheoryMaker Excuses, like pop fans don’t download for free please. FYI , RnB and HipHop fans buy more full albums then the single driven pop fans..


  7. Pour Music LD Sodiler

    Great performance


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