Amber Rose Celebrates Baby Shower with Wiz Khalifa, Christina Milian, & LoLa Monroe

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa are weeks away from becoming parents, and they celebrated the forthcoming addition to their family at a baby shower over the weekend. The mom-to-be was radiant in a rainbow keyboard dress by Jeremy Scott as she opened her gifts, played games, and snacked on blue treats in honor of her baby boy.

Family and friends including Christina Milian and fellow mom-to-be, Taylor Gang’s own LoLa Monroe, stopped by to wish Amber well. Even Wiz crashed the party to help his fiancĂ©e open her gifts including a pair of Jeremy Scott adidas sneakers for their son.

“We had a good ol down home baby shower today. No Papz, No booshiness just Fun, Friends, Family, Food & Good times,” tweeted the very pregnant Amber, who is due next month. The couple plans to wed before the baby is born.

Photos via Instagram

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  1. uHoesBuggin

    Well damn how far along is Lola? She looks almost as big as Amber!


  2. FusionX

    But Amber has been Pregnant for 3 Years Now


    FusionY Reply:

    @FusionX, LOL you know, Kayne having 2 babies this year


    carlena Reply:

    @FusionX, lol ikr haha kim kardash is gonna have her baby before her


  3. 2bad2bme

    them faces are pound cake beat down


  4. Chachi

    Why was Christina Milian there? What is she? A professional bestfriend?

    Kim only got pregnant by Kanye to try and upstage Reggie and Amber.


  5. kurtis_Shane

    Amber rose looks a hot mess, also didn’t;t Nicki Minaj wear that dress last year some time. #Bitchbye Wiz got you stunting in last year fashions might need to cut his ass.


  6. ri

    Awwww Amber wears pregnancy well and Her and Wiz seem to be happy I wish them all the best


  7. Wizbud

    I dont like that hat or whatever that is on her head it looks silly lol but Amber looks great preggo and I love her and Wiz’s relationship. Also I LoLa Monroe looks gorgeous pregnant as well. Both of those ladies look great. Congrats on the baby and the marriage Amber!!! I know you and Wiz will make great parents!!!!


  8. Jaa

    She is hugeee


  9. Jade

    Awwww. They’re so adorable. Wish them the best!


  10. Bisuness Prounld Foboze Changed 2013

    Awww. Awsome by the way Christina Milian Have a big Mouth


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