New Music: Brianna Perry f/ T-Pain – ‘Mascara Tears’

Mascara Tears

It may be a man’s world, but Brianna Perry is taking a stand for her ladies on “Mascara Tears,” a snippet of which appeared on her mixtape Symphony No. 9. The Miami raptress tells the story of a girl who gets caught up in the limelight and lets a man take advantage of her. But she knows deep down inside that she’s better than that. T-Pain comes to the rescue on the Auto-Tuned hook.

The full version of Symphony No. 9 will drop on February 1 with some new guests. Previous features included Trey Songz, Teyana Taylor, French Montana, and Future.

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  1. Sassyandclassy

    I love this girl. Her music is dope and she just a classy bitch dopeeeeeeeeeeded


  2. SWAG_2013

    ………………………it’s ok. T-pain needs to fall back. Aint nobody wanna hear dat auto-tune mess.


    Asa Reply:

    @SWAG_2013, T-Pain’s time was over years ago. He needs to go away now.

    For real.


  3. SWAG_2013

    Soulja Boy is better than him.


  4. southernboss

    Not trying to hate BUT how much you wanna bet this will be on itunes Feb 1st but they’ll call it a mixtape till FEB 1ST


  5. Billionaire

    Did she said head-butt evelyn? lmao I died!!!


    Sassyandclassy Reply:

    @Billionaire, Yes she did! But the song is mad dope


  6. Leggo

    Dope track but t-pain ruined it. She should have put a female singer like Amerie or someone.


  7. Ron'Do

    Hopefully one day this girl get the recognition she deserves, she’s booomb.


  8. Maurice

    When will he learn auto-tune is dead!


  9. Bisuness Prounld Foboze Changed 2013

    dope song of her Can’t wait to see what she got with Trey songz & teyana taylor, Future. t-pain sound alright on here


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