Rihanna and Chris Brown Collaborate on New Song

Rihanna and Chris Brown

Not only are Rihanna and Chris Brown back on good terms, they’re also back in the studio. The pop superstars are reportedly cooking up a new collaboration.

The two were spotted leaving the same studio in West Hollywood separately on Thursday night. Rumors began to swirl, and now a rep for Breezy tells E! News that they are indeed working on a new record.

Collaborations are nothing new for the famous couple, who most recently combined their talents on “Nobody’s Business” off RiRi’s album Unapologetic. Chris also appeared on the remix to Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake” and she remixed his single “Turn Up the Music.”

It’s unknown where their latest work will end up, but Chris has been in the lab recording his sixth album Carpe Diem. He even appears on the cover for Rihanna’s latest single “Stay.”

Are you excited for a new Chrianna collabo? Sound off below.

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  1. Realist

    Maybe it will be a hit (Pun intended)


    SHAWTY Reply:

    @Realist, lmao



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    Meme Reply:

    @#BEENTRILL, how exactly did she fuck up his career. If HE didn’t hit her he would still be a mega star. She didn’t force his hands to get her.


    RoniqueDavis Reply:

    @#BEENTRILL, I agree with that.I always thought its her fault,and I believe it now!


    Fa Reply:

    @RoniqueDavis, y’all CB Fabs are the most delusional psychotic stans. Right next to Ciara stans. Don’t try to blame the victim for this idiots dwindling career. He’s falling off and he deserves everything bad happening


    qqq Reply:

    @Fa, y’all CB Fabs are the most delusional psychotic stans

    Thank you


    who gonna check me boo Reply:

    @#BEENTRILL, chile she can’t save him, he the new bobby brown, and he will always be in her shadow.





  3. relly

    He needs to focus on his music. He left “Fortune” to die and wasted a lot of potential chartoppers and didn’t even perform any of the r&b songs of a mostly r&b album on any award show including BET.

    A new song together might sound great but attention will be on what they’re saying and their chemistry over his music. She’s at least pushing her singles….a little.

    They both seem unfocused in their careers. She has a great album out and I hope she makes use of it


  4. Real Sh!t

    I’ll already read about this. On some site you could see Chris leave in a car with Sean Kingston. So maybe it will end up at Sean Kingston album Back 2 Life.


    :) Reply:

    @Real Sh!t, hopefully not.


  5. bonemer

    fuck no


  6. tkayZ

    The Birthday Cake remix was insane.
    Hope they come up with something similar.

    Other than that, why give a f*** about the rest? If they’re back toghether good for them. End of that.


    deelee Reply:



  7. Add Joey Mannarino on Facebook!

    I bet they are gonna do an RnB mix to “Stay”


  8. MusicJunkie

    Non Talented Big Forehead Hoe . i’m Tired If These Two Like Damn . just Go To Another planet & ” stay ” y’all asses There . I Once Read A Story About The ” Grammy Incident ” Being a Stunt & Now I Believe It . smh


    yazz Reply:

    @MusicJunkie, where can i read about the grammy incident stunt thing???


    Yolanda Reply:

    @yazz, nowhere because this just another bitter CB fan expressing her hate for Rihanna’s success. Rihanna got more awards and recognition than cb so u can sit and get mad with that


    Salty Reply:

    Lmao @MusicJunkie,I agree they fuc, fight, on and off in relationship just go nd hide some dam where..shit


  9. :)

    She still got mo money. :)


    mumi Reply:

    @:), Bands make your girl go down!


  10. Trace



  11. Sims

    What is she wearing? Oddball camo!


  12. Vicki

    Ugh Chris, come on. U need someone else…


  13. Chris And RiRi working On a New Record ‹ Trill Style

    [...] via Rap-Up [...]

  14. Dots

    I don’t like that everyone forgets that he remixed ‘Umbrella’, co-wrote ‘Disturbia’, & they already officially did ‘Bad Girl’ together a long ass time ago. But anyways, they sound good together.


    DiggingInMyNose Reply:

    @Dots, It’s not the fact that people “forgot”, it’s just that people don’t give AF.


  15. OMG Just Google Kelsnetwork and see what happens!

    i hope its more like birthday cake and less like nobodys business…i cant believe that chris brown and trey songz rumor… i mean just google kelsnetwork


  16. Ldragon88

    You look so dumb right now, standing outside my house, trying to apologize, you’re so ugly when you cry…please! Just cut it out. Dont tell me youre sorry coz you’re not. Baby when you’re only sorry you got caught. But you put on quite a show, really had me going, now its time to go, curtains finally closing, that was quite a show, very entertaining, but its over now. Grab your clothes and GET GONE. This just look like a re-run…


  17. A Realist

    We are tired of this.


  18. Prouy of Uk 2013

    Rihanna is wearing a PJ coming out of the studio and that Good that they are collaborate on a new song or it could ending up on sean Kingtons album just saying


  19. Prouy of Uk 2013



  20. stern p



  21. me

    they’re not collaborate! Rihanna left a comment in instagram said ‘LIES’ on a photo about this! cant understand how yall think this.they can hang out in studio.smh


  22. Tamar | @Amoret_ on TWITTER

    The fuck is Rihanna wearing


  23. Mz. Shay

    I am singer and songwriter Mz. Shay and I am on my way. Sometimes I actually hate the thought of it cause the homeless media got to sweep around everybody else front door…sad. That’s ashamed some faomus people cant even live their lives doing what they love cause that. To some people like me money an fame is not what I’m after, but i know it comes with what I’m doing. To me, all that matters is that I’m doing something that I love. Follow me on twitter and like me on facebook.


  24. Mz. Shay

    So media get ready cause I’m coming with nothing but the truth….


  25. simo khama

    it’s sweet to see u with her


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