Ja Rule Leaves New York Prison, Enters Federal Custody for Tax Evasion

Ja Rule

Ja Rule left a state prison on Thursday, only to be immediately taken back behind bars. The hip-hop superstar completed his sentence for weapons charges, but now faces more jail time for tax evasion.

The 36-year-old rapper, born Jeffrey Atkins, left an upstate New York prison on Thursday morning after serving 20 months for illegal gun possession, reports the AP. He must now serve the remaining time on a 28-month sentence for failing to pay taxes on more than $3 million of earnings.

According to his attorney Stacey Richman, Ja Rule may be released in six months and may be eligible for a halfway house. He plans to get back to work so he can pay off back taxes.

He reportedly owes the IRS $1.1 million, but it’s unclear how much, if any, has been paid. Once released from custody, he also faces a year of supervision.

He is already looking forward to getting back to music and attending his daughter’s graduation. “He’s a devoted father,” said Richman.

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  1. Jay z

    Ashanti & him need to collab !!!


    You Mad 'Cause I Don't D--k-Ride Ya Fave? Reply:

    @Jay z, this!! Thought I was the only one who missed him


    James Reply:

    @Jay z, They do make the best music together!


  2. Shutterbug

    So much for your “hope and change”…under Obama, more hip-hop artists have been prosecuted under UNCONSTITUTIONAL gun laws and hounding tax rates…Bush started it, Obama’s building it.

    Hip-hop is partly to blame too…we used to be “Fight the Power”…but ever since Obama got elected, rappers have been kissing the government’s ass left and right.

    Both parties are screwing us over…I think hip-hop should align behind the Libertarian Party for 2016. (they support legalization of the things both Republicans and Democrats are wanting to maintain illegality of)


    Mike Reply:

    @Shutterbug, Get your ass off those bath salts, Uncle Tom!!!


    YMCMINAJ Reply:

    @Shutterbug, Or how about you pay your fuckin taxes like the rest of us instead of hiding like a little rat?


  3. RihNaj



  4. Jay-Me

    Sucks to be him right now.


  5. kate

    he sucks so bad


  6. Jme

    No the df he dnt!! Ugh hater


  7. Jme

    No he dnt suck hater!!


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