Ciara Talks Dirty with Jenny McCarthy

Ciara and Jenny McCarthy

It was all fun and games when Ciara stopped by “The Jenny McCarthy Show” on VH1 last week. During their provocative chat, the “Body Party” singer opened up about her relationship with Future.

“I’m tappin’ that,” joked CiCi, who showed off her matching tattoo.

The racy host asked Ciara how long she should wait before having sex. When asked if eight hours is too soon, she replied, “If you’re really feeling it, you just go home by yourself and do some naughty things. You have to refrain from the temptation.”

They also played a game where they painted an almost-naked man with paint and Jenny put her on the spot, asking her questions including what she wears to bed and her biggest turn-on.

Watch the full episode below.

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  1. dfvgbhnm

    hahaha im glade shes letting loose


  2. bitchplease

    Too funny lol


  3. Sleazy

    Hahahahahahahahhaha I can’t deal Love this


  4. Speechless

    Im loving her these days lol


  5. xedos

    i would love to see rihanna on this it would be so rachet


    RG2 Reply:



  6. woowow

    Finally!!! Her last album, she pretended like she didnt have an album to sell.


  7. SJB

    Want to know how old someone is? Don’t check the face. Always look at the arms and hands..


  8. Jay

    Great interview!! C is a cutie!!! I’ve always had a crush on Ciara…she’s just so likable. And Jenny McCarthy always makes me laugh. “Freestyle off the coffee table into scissors.” HAHA Wish I had cable so I could watch. Can’t wait for C’s album!!!! Get it C!!!!


  9. Graig Weich BeyondComics.TV

    That guy with the grey scarf in the VIP Audience On Camera DJ section is E! TV’s Ice Loves Coco’s Comic Book Super Hero Artist: Graig Weich of BeyondComics.TV


  10. -Teamciara-

    Lol I love cici she so silly… !


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