Diddy Joins the Cast of ‘Downton Abbey’ in Funny or Die Skit


Sean “Diddy” Combs fooled his Twitter followers when he announced that he had joined the cast of “Downton Abbey.” But it was all a big joke. Instead, the Bad Boy mogul has produced a parody of PBS’ British period drama with Funny or Die. In the hilarious sketch, he plays Lord Wolcott, the new owner of Downton Abbey and the first black cast member.

He throws the first-ever white party, serves libations (Ciroc, of course), and delivers funny punchlines such as “You keepin’ these hos in check ’round here” and “I want you two to kiss in front of me and I want you to use your tongues.”

Watch Downtown Diddy in action.

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  1. 2bad2bme

    Aubrey: “Who is that?” Lmao


  2. KayeV

    it was almost funny …but it was but it wasnt . meh


  3. KOS-MOS-18

    Its pronounced down-tun abbey stupid ass, first you ruin Danity Kane and now you ruin this show… smh


    SMH Reply:

    @KOS-MOS-18, then you ruin cassies career


  4. imerk

    Hmm.. so if this skit was for “funny or die” but it didn’t achieve the funny side, does that mean he….


  5. Grace

    Yeah, just when I wasn’t having Downton Abbey withdrawals, he goes and does this …. smh.


  6. Bijan

    I thought it was funny except for the fact he was calling it downtown abbey instead of downton abbey


  7. valerie

    As a huge fan of the show… I thought this was absolutely hysterical!


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