K. Michelle Shoots ‘Rebel Against’ Campaign [Behind the Scenes]

K. Michelle

After dropping her first single “V.S.O.P.,” K. Michelle is back with the second episode in her “Day in the Life” series. This time, the Memphis soulstress takes us behind the scenes of her “Rebel Against” campaign for Saving Our Daughters, a cause near and dear to her.

“I teamed up with Saving Our Daughters to just empower women on different things that might make them feel inferior, whether it might be violence, racism, or anything that they might be struggling or facing from day to day,” says K, whose debut Rebellious Soul drops July 30.

She bonds with women of all races during the photo shoot, wearing white and denim as she poses for the last shot of the day.

Watch below and get caught up with the first episode of K’s web series.

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  1. Kyle

    That’s nice that she is doing this! I’m really feeling her new single “V.S.O.P.” There is no denying her talent and I’m glad things are finally taking off for her.


  2. Twista

    So she’s all for the ladies until it’s time to throw hot candle wax at a chick, right? OK…


    vitty Reply:

    @Twista, a chick that denied her claims of abuse and switched on her out of no where..bitch stfu! K.Michelle lashed out and threw a candle at that tall non rapping bitch..so what!? -__-


    vitty Reply:

    @Twista, how about i beat your ass and you go to tell one of your friends and they tell you that you are lying..how’d you feel?


    Mia Reply:

    @vitty, right, i agree 100%! people always want to single out K michelle and not the other person. K Michelle didnt just throw it for the hell of it. The Georgia Prune provoked her ! @Twista, dumb ass


  3. ♀►▼☼↕

    Good thing she is doing this, and I love her hair!


  4. fearlless

    Come on KMichelle


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