Video: Major Lazer f/ Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Tyga, & Mystic – ‘Bubble Butt’

Bubble Butt

Major Lazer shakes up the block with the bootylicious video for “Bubble Butt,” their Free the Universe single featuring Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Tyga, and Mystic. It’s just another boring night at home for three girls until “ButtZilla” saves the day, injecting their flat asses with silicon to make them fatter. The ladies show off their newly plump assets on the dance floor. Warning: This video contains an extreme amount of twerking and jiggling.

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  1. d

    hov somewhere shakin his had. tupac rollin in his grave. RIP to rap. this no lie really makes me sad.


  2. Tvonne

    I wonder if women did not partake in this what would rappers rap about in their music.


  3. Zack


    And why didnt anyone bother to make this song clean? Thats ridiculous.


    Zack Reply:

    @Zack, did*


  4. Bullettooth

    Sad Shit


  5. KayeV

    music along with video originality is dying a painful death .. this is rubbish


  6. joseph

    shame : no creativity !!!!


  7. G

    smh even the artists are not that stupid to be in this lame ass video.. -_-


  8. wonderland19

    Wow………. yuck!


  9. Frankie

    Ayyyy at least i can twerk to dis


  10. Sushi

    Where the hell are the musicians in this video? -__-


  11. Fingie

    Oh come on, people! Why so serious!


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