The Weeknd Debuts New Material in Toronto

The Weeknd

The Weeknd put on for his city during a sold-out show at Toronto’s Mod Club on Thursday. The Canadian crooner performed his new single “Kiss Land” for the first time as well as “Gifted,” his collaboration with French Montana.

He also debuted a new song, reportedly titled “You Belong to the World.”

“I want to erase you, domesticate you, but you belong to the world,” he sang amidst flashing lights and screaming fans.

The Weeknd’s new album Kiss Land is due later this year.

“Kiss Land”


New Song

[Weeknd HQ]

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  1. Twista

    I know we’re not supposed to judge artists on their looks but on the strength of their product, but I just can’t with that hair. Jesus.


  2. kate

    i think he is gay #nohate


  3. Chauncey

    All of his shit sounds the same to me … and I don’t understand people who stan for him.


  4. ArchBishopOprah

    His music is great I just wish he would take a shower


  5. da fan

    Wat a gay album tittle


  6. Briana

    IDK the weeknd just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Maybe I was going through a phase or something…


  7. The Boy Toy

    His music is so boring……


  8. Rich

    His music is dark moody soul it’s deep! The weeknd is an prodigy of RNB music! No one like him around!


  9. CMD

    House of Balloons was the best, after that it was all downhill. It all sounds the same now.


    Spyruf Reply:

    @CMD, cuz when ppl first heard HOB it was something brand new so it was extra interesting. His stuff aftter wasn’t as unexpected.


  10. XOtilWeOverdose

    I loooooooove his music, his hair is such a cute characteristic. He’s being him & getting money. I went to 3 of his concerts & theyre always high & live. Im a huge fan and i like the shit he’s about. #turnup #fuckbit*hesgetmoney!.


  11. Royaleeee

    Used to rock with The Weeknd heavy but now all his songs sound the same & image plays a big role in the industry weather people want to admit it or not and he looks homeless 90% of the time. I’m not saying he needs to start looking like Chris Brown or anything but a shower & a haircut goes a LONG way! & he also needs to experiment a little more with his music, his lyrics are always dark soulful & real but all the beats & production sound the same! His songs are all starting to sound like 1 big song that never ends! Idk who his manager is but they need to be fired!


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