New Music: J. Cole & Wale – ‘Winter Schemes’

Wale and J. Cole

After topping the charts with their new albums, J. Cole and Wale come together on “Winter Schemes,” a new track released by Wale on Twitter. Cole kicks off the Jake One production, rapping about his come-up (“Came a long way from that weak ass advance”), before passing it to Wale, who paints a poetic verse (“You Pikachu, but I’m Picasso”).

Check out their cold collabo below.

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  1. Fanofall

    J cole >


    Dawn J. Hash Reply:

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  2. ayee



    Nathan Reply:

    @ayee, Back to your Soulja Boy, Lil Wayne and Chief Keef.


  3. Quest

    Cole killed it.


  4. ChriLaDa

    The same beat for 5 mins? No Thank You!


  5. Triniti

    The Warm Up 2? My nigga.


  6. Brandon

    Song ends at 2:17.


  7. avio

    why does wale laugh in every verse?


  8. Darius

    Listen to the words a very nice song are you all really fans or just people who want hits like power trip & ambition, don’t get me wrong those are good songs but open your eyes and realize when a classic is right in front of your eyes


    Mas Reply:

    @Darius, u dont look at a classic song…u listen 2 it


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