New Music: Ariana Grande f/ Fabolous – ‘The Way (Remix)’

Ariana Grande and Fabolous

Ariana Grande has found herself a new bad boy. After linking with Mac Miller, the 20-year-old pop star calls on Fabolous for the remix to her single “The Way.” Loso lays down a radio-friendly verse (“I love the way you make me feel/ My thirsty ex gets no refill”), while Ariana hits her signature high notes.

Her debut album is due August 20. She plans to announce the title on Monday.


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  1. Grande The Way

    Not bad. I prefer the original though.


  2. Ice

    She’s gorgeous.


  3. Dots

    Sometimes I don’t believe they actually ask another artist to be on tha record, more so that tha label gets another artist.


  4. nick



  5. Bobby

    Fab adds a nice little touch but nothing spectacular. Still a great song and I feel as though she really broke a new mold for nickelodeon stars.


  6. JustCoastWitHa

    I wonder if Mariah hears her and thinks to herself “..this is my son”


  7. tacomeat

    Ol girl can sing. I heard this song on the radio and thought it was Mariah until I saw the vid…my jaw dropped. She can definitely make it big in the music industry. EVEN THOUGH that whispery ish her and Mariah do irks me…


  8. Onika Miraj

    She has a spectacular voice and she will go VERY far. Not only is she a great Nickelodeon star, she’s very popular because of her looks and personality. She already has a strong fanbase and I wish her luck in the future. I hope she doesn’t fall off track *cough cough* Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes, Justin Bieber, *cough cough*
    And she can actually sing LIVE! THANK GOD.


  9. Beyonce

    The NEW Mariah Carey as we speak…


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