New Music: K. Michelle – ‘Rebellious Soul’ [Album Stream]

Rebellious Soul

K. Michelle’s long journey from her mixtape to “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” culminates with the release of her debut Rebellious Soul. The Memphis songstress pours her heart and soul into the 11 tracks including the Meek Mill-assisted “My Life”” and the Pop & Oak-produced single “V.S.O.P.”

“This project means everything to me,” said R. Kelly’s protégée. “I was determined with this project that people were gonna finally see me for more than just a crazy, ratchet reality star.”

Stream the album in its entirety via VH1 before it arrives on August 13.

Rebellious Soul Tracklisting

1. “My Life” feat. Meek Mill
2. “Damn”
3. “I Don’t Like Me”
4. “Can’t Raise a Man”
5. “V.S.O.P.”
6. “Pay My Bills”
7. “Sometimes”
8. “It’s Too Late”
9. “Hate on Her”
10. “When I Get a Man”
11. “A Mother’s Prayer”

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  1. T

    AYEEEEEEE! Let me get into THIS


  2. bibi93

    Can’t wait!!


  3. philly11

    1st album…she did her thing!!


  4. LOVE IT!!!!!!



  5. Nurse2013

    I absolutely love it!!! Every song sounds great. Rebellious Soul is true R&B Soul!!


  6. latrice

    Realest R&B singer award goes to …. K Michelle . This CD about to be on top


  7. Rebellious

    I know she killing the R&B game with this album. She poured everything she had into this album.


  8. Justcoastwitha

    I sat here and listened to the whole album.. It’s great!


  9. taye

    I USE!!!!!!!


  10. Adhdandre

    Perfection! Just perfection..


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  12. The Shady Truth

    Dayyuum!!! K delivered incredibly well with this album!!! #Outstanding Her honesty, sincerity, vulnerability, sexuality, aggressive and humbling dual personality, and her voice blew me out of the water!!! This is the r&b album that’s missing today and the r&b album we’ve been waiting for!!! This was so superb that it reminded of a cross between Beyonce’s ’4′ and Rihanna’s ‘Unapologetic’ album! Definitely buying this album!


    The Shady Truth Reply:

    @The Shady Truth, Why Bey and RiRi you may ask? Both Bey 4 & RiRi Unapologetic albums are two halves of the same coin! While Bey was able to encompass empowerment and vulnerability, Rihanna was unsympathetically bold and honest which K’s LP embodied making for a perfect album!


  13. Ton_Teezy

    I was able to sit through every song. Great production & excellent writing.


  14. CECE

    I’m so ready for Rebellious Soul!!!! K. Michelle is the truth & this album is going to be everything


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  16. G18

    This album is fire!!! That Coochie interlude is funny lol. I really hope this album goes to number 1!!!


  17. brandi

    i love all of kmichelle’s songs so much i will never ever stop being a fan of hers, shes my favorite singer ever her songs have got me though so much in life, but a mothers prayer gets to me soo much that is my favorite song ever i love every single one of her songs havent heard a bad one yet but i mothers prayer and when i find a man gets to to me sooo much, keep being yourself k i love you,your music and personalty no matter what.


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  20. Kristopher Davis

    slayed!!!! i knew it was a reason y i like this chick! im definitely gettin this album!


  21. Antonio DeJoyce

    This album is absolutely #perfect #beautiful #wellrounded #DESERVED #longtimeCOMN #RebelliousSoul #August13th


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  27. NEW FAN



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  29. K.michelle music

    I love all her songs can’t wait for the album. Go K.Michelle keep killing the R&B game we need female singers like you to keep it real and stay truthful.


  30. Antonio DeJoyce

    She’s gone kill the game with this album… She bringing it back for all the old school divas… #ILOVEIT


  31. Antonio DeJoyce

    #ILIVE #RebelliousSoul #August13th


  32. Tamika Lewis-Jones

    This is the K Michelle I love. I will be buying… #1, #1 (all songs)lol…. #enjoyed!


  33. AJ

    I cant even pick a favorite, I loved the coochie symphony but the mothers prayer hit home


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  35. tanya

    She definitely deserve a Grammy for best Female Vocalist/R&B. The best R&B CD in a long while!!! Team K. Michelle!


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