R. Kelly Remixes Phoenix Single

Thomas Mars and R. Kelly

R. Kelly is giving Phoenix the remix treatment. The R&B veteran has recorded a remix to “Trying to Be Cool,” a single off the French band’s album Bankrupt!

The track is set to premiere this week. “Got something special coming for ya’ll this week. Stay tuned.. #ImJustTryingToBeCool,” tweeted Kellz.

Phoenix previewed some of the lyrics on Twitter: “I’m gonna roll to the club, I’m gonna holla at the honeyzzz.”

The band brought out Kellz to perform a mash-up of “Ignition” and their single “1901″ at Coachella in April.

Kellz has been working on his own album Black Panties. The first single, “My Story” featuring 2 Chainz, premiered last month.

UPDATE: Listen to a snippet of the remix in the video below.

Trying to Be Cool Remix

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  1. Brian

    Your time is over R. Kelly. Give it up.


  2. Kevin

    @Brian, shut up hater, as long as he’s writing music and producing music and making trapped in the closet episodes and making us dance, his time will never be over till he dies, so go back to your miserable life and leave that talented man alone hater.


    Nicki Reply:

    @Kevin, but his time is over.. he is right! his new single is a big flop


  3. D. kellz

    @Nicki &@Brian to each there own opinion now being one of Kells biggest fans I respect anyone’s opinion and if that’s what you think and feel so be it. But I will say this the man career speaks for it’s self and that’s the difference between artist now of days in the 2000′s there careers might not never about to 20 years in the game like Kells has been around writing, singing and producing probably some of your favorite artist songs. Great artist and KING OF R&B respect his craft he has nothing more to prove he makes music because he is a musician and does it because he loves making music. And his new single is cool but as I say if you do not like it I respect that I throw no shade. But respect a man who has wrote for Usher, Trey Songz, Mariah Carey, Whitney houston, Ronald Isley, Ginuwine, Charlie wilson, Tyrese, Marques houston, Kelly price and last but not least the KING OF POP Michael Jackson just to name a very short list I can go on forever. And also a man who still holds the crown for the best selling R&B artist Kells respect. KING OF R&B


  4. KellzJustStartedBitches

    @brian @nicki You all are haters…25plus yrs in the game still dominating, writing, producing I don’t know any of your favorite artists new and old doing one of those thing. If his career is over I don’t think all these people will be going after him to be on their record frm hip hop to indie..phoenix even said b4 any of their concert they have to listen to R Kelly music first and that’s frm indie artist saying that. The man has influenced many artist frm different genre of music. You know how many big concerts he has headline this year alone both in US and abroad.. He just came back frm South Africa two days ago performing for more than 30 thousands fans. You all need to craw back to your crave cos this man right here KING OF R and B just started..so you got more crying to do


    D. kellz Reply:

    @KellzJustStartedBitches, preach


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