Eminem Premieres New Song ‘Survival’ in ‘Call of Duty’ Trailer


Eminem is set to make his return this fall. The hip-hop icon kicks off his upcoming album by debuting his new song “Survival” in the explosive trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts.

“Wasn’t ready to be a millionaire/ I was ill prepared/ I was prepared to be ill though, the skill was there,” he raps on the rap-rock anthem.

A female voice can also be heard on the empowering hook: “This is survival of the fittest/ This is do or die.”

During a press conference on Wednesday, an Activision exec announced that the song is the first release off Em’s upcoming album, due this fall.

Eminem also appeared via a videotaped message. “The song’s about fighting back and it seems like it fits Ghosts perfectly,” said Em. “I’m gonna be a big part of the game. My new song’s in it, got a video dropping for it soon too.”

Listen to “Survival” below.

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  1. Brian



  2. Community Against Racism

    King Eminem. Classic song.


  3. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    Em is a beast on the mic!


  4. Brian

    Good song – can’t wait for the CDQ. Hopefully this will lead to some news on the album!


  5. Kris



  6. Slim Shady

    Eminen has become an imitation of himself. It all sounds the same, dawg. It all sounds the same and he’s not saying anything.


    Humz Reply:

    @Slim Shady, THE FLOW IS CRAZY! And the usual insane Eminem energy. It doesn’t seem like he’s an imitiation of himself, to me.


  7. ChriLaDa

    It’s ironic that a black guy invented hip hop, but a white guy rules the hip hop world.

    Em 4ever!


    shan Reply:

    @ChriLaDa, Hahahahahahaha! Eminem got crazy flow and he’s one of my favs on the mic, but his beats suck.


  8. what

    sounds okay, it’s nothing special


  9. Control

    its damn catchy, kinda feels like his back to his best and just sonically it sounds amazing, im guessing the woman might be Skylar Grey, just the sound of her voice and the whole sound of the songs feels like she’d be the perfect fit?


    Mimi Reply:

    @Control, No the female vocalist on this track is Liz Rodrigues of The New Royales.


  10. Go Home

    He’s alright, but he’s not real. Jay z that deal.


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  13. pete

    same shouting rock shit…em is loosing it for real


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  16. shafe

    Lyrics are tight, not too impressed with the beat. Jay z ‘is real? Real rich before he started his rap career talken his boys lyrics that get made for his fat baboon ass, he’s got skills….reading what to mummble into the mic while everyone else gets no credit for doin all his work. Rick is a genius for 99problems and look at him…jay looks the part but that’s all he’s good for.


  17. MOHSEN



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