Cassie Heats Up Miami During Promo Run


Cassie touches down on the sandy shores of Miami for her RockaByeBaby promo run in the sun. The Bad Boy hottie brings cameras along as she hits the beach in her bikini, happily posing with fans who are surprised by her humbleness. She even has a run-in with the paparazzi and turns the tables on them.

With Ciroc on deck, she hits up Room Service and parties the night away, capping off her fun trip.

Watch Cassie’s Miami takeover below.

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  1. Adonis

    So she still promoting that mixtape.. where her next sh*t at? album??


    Say Word? Reply:

    @Adonis, Just for clarity, the above comment is not me.


  2. t



  3. g

    this is just another nightmare she started off so good and still no new album i am waiting since soo long!!! shot a new video for the mixtapes song love it 3 months ago! where is it!? all these promises.. nothing.. she dont even communicate with her fans no more.. maybe she has no more fans.. no personal youtube videos no personal tweets nothing..


  4. mimi

    i wonder why video is not on her main youtube channel, but some newly created


  5. Phanyie

    I love her mixtape but I wouldn’t call it promo when she didn’t perform the songs?! Sorry but this is so annoying when Cassie’s not performing her songs from the mixtape. This is so disappointing!!!


  6. dna

    she looks

    diddy out

    left his stigmatic mark


  7. Janice

    Seriously cassie? You still haven’t performed this mixtape? This always happens when cassie about to blow up she remains silent , that rockabyebaby flame is gone now.


  8. lexi

    So she is doing promo with no performance of any othe song. Cassie just go model.


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