New Music: Kat Dahlia f/ Nyanda, Black Lion, & The Wizard – ‘Mash It Up’

Mash It Up

Kat Dahlia heads to Jamaica for her dancehall collaboration, “Mash It Up.” The “Gangsta” singer teams with Brick & Lace’s Nyanda and Black Lion on The Wizard-produced beat, which finds her singing in a patois over air horns.

On Sept. 30, Kat will release a five-song EP Seeds including the tracks “Clocks,” “Gangsta,” “Mirror,” “Rainbow,” and “Money Party.” She also appears on “Helen Keller” off DJ Khaled’s upcoming album Suffering From Success. Her debut My Garden is due next year on Epic Records.

Blaze up Kat’s reggae record below.

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  1. JAMES

    We really need for caribbean performers to do what they do best – REGGAE!

    Snoop Dogg needs to get back to rapping. He is pitiful as a reggae singer.

    Ciara is one of the few American performers who does it well. She did a great reggae song on Basic Instinct CD, but she is the only one I know who does it well, without caribbean roots.


  2. Frenchie97

    Caribbean represent!


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