Video: Brianna Perry – ‘Jack Beat’

Brianna Perry

Brianna Perry stays on her freestyle flow. In the video for “Jack Beat,” the 21-year-old Miami femcee rhymes over Jay Z’s “FuckWitMeYouKnowIGotIt” and Rich Homie Quan’s “Type of Way.” She rocks purple hair and a yellow “Fuck Work” top as she is interrogated, but while she may look cute, don’t let the pretty face fool you.

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  1. B

    #PoorBriannaPerry… this is just….


  2. MayZiin

    thought it was Justine skye


  3. ymcmb

    This why nicki is the best case close and she is good but nicki just better u mite don’t like nicki but u hoes got to respect her grind know dat!


  4. Hotgirlz404

    I love yo stuff you are gorg pretty and bars I’m a fan


  5. Cyber bully

    Fuck Nicki shawty so much nicer


  6. Harlemhottie

    Liked your Marilyn Monroe joint you official ma so underrated just keep killin shit


  7. Status itch



  8. Nickiworldbitch

    Damn you won’t die Miss Brianna Perry fuck it I guess you proved me wrong you kilt this shit can’t front on you. Good luck but Nicki my baby hoe


  9. Preshapoint

    Purple hair is nice I am crushin on ya


  10. Oh

    Still wack, still low-budget…..


    Z Reply:

    @Oh, and you still mad did she take your man boo hoo hoo


  11. Z

    Videos are dope got you on repeat


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