Video: Melanie Fiona – ‘Cold Piece’

Melanie Fiona

Melanie Fiona serves up the sweet visuals for “Cold Piece,” produced by Pepsi Pulse. The Grammy-winning singer rides through Brooklyn in an ice cream truck while passing out frozen treats.

She drives by her friends including Mateo, Luke James, and Ro James before stopping in a local neighborhood. Pepsi cups are passed around as folks dance in the street.

“This is the coolest, coolest video I’ve ever shot,” said Melanie. “I’m so appreciative of being in this place in my career as an artist for my fans.”

Come and get a taste of her “Cold Piece.”

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  1. Antonio DeJOyce

    KEWT!!!!!!!!!!! I just love me some Melanie Fiona… That voice & beauty = Entire Package


  2. A.

    great sound! Melanie always gives something cool and a good feel


  3. Deejay

    The video sucks.
    Her voice is always good.
    The song is good but the beat is standard and boring.
    The chorus is the best part.


  4. KayeV

    such a dope song but the video though .. come on !


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