New Music: Angel Haze – ‘Same Love (Freestyle)’

Angel Haze

Angel Haze opens up about her sexuality on her brave freestyle to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ marriage equality anthem “Same Love,” which marks the sixth release in her “30 Gold” series.

“At age 13, my mother knew I wasn’t straight/ She didn’t understand, but she had so much to say/ She sat me on the couch/ Looked me straight in my face and said, You’ll burn in hell or probably die of AIDS,” she raps.

She dedicates the song to anyone who’s struggled with their identity and faced adversity. “I stand for it all until ignorance is over,” she declares.

Hear Angel’s powerful song of acceptance below.

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    This freestyle is amazing and I am proud to stan for her. She is such an inspiring human being.


  2. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    *Claps* Brave! Keep doing yo thang Angel, you made it! Keep progressing!


  3. Caesar Live n Loud

    A stunning and inspiring freestyle! LVOE it!!


  4. K

    Only god can judge it,s not up to us to judge gays,and say who they can love are what,s not,at the end of the day it,s up to you what you in to are not,if i have a friend are family and he/she is gay that,s up to them i am not going to stop talking to them are anything,that,s him he do him and i do me simple as that,not a bad song though even though the message isn’t for me.


  5. whatifigured

    Angel Haze made “Same Love” worth listening to. Macklemore’s version is mostly about a straight dude who thought he was gay when he was in the 3rd grade, and then he cried about it. He also managed to shit on hip hop in the process (if I was gay I would think hip hop hates me). So, this version is way better.


  6. Hugh


    Great message


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