Jay Z Turns ‘Gold’ with First Men’s Fragrance

Jay Z

Diddy has Unforgivable. Nicki Minaj has Minajesty. And now Jay Z has his own fragrance. The hip-hop mogul will launch Gold Jay Z later this month.

The men’s eau de toilette will arrive at Barneys New York on Nov. 20 as part of his fashion collaboration with the department store. It will roll out to other stores including Macy’s, Sephora, Nordstrom, and Dillard’s on Black Friday, Nov. 29.

The white fougere fragrance combines elements of yellow ginger, white cardamom, and grapefruit, with a hint of blueberry. Prices range from $39-$70 for the three bottle sizes.

The bottle consists of a white matte flask with the “Gold Jay Z” logo raised and etched in gold, while the gilded cap is inscribed with the words “Power,” “Pride,” “Confidence,” “Strength,” “Success,” and “Courage.”

“We are going to make a big noise. For the 30 days before Christmas, it will be impossible not to know he has a fragrance,” Donald J. Loftus, president of Parlux Ltd., told WWD.

The Roc Nation rapper rejected 3,200 possible names for his signature scent. After finding the perfect one, he declared, “This is the shit; it’s gold,” Loftus revealed.

In addition to Gold Jay Z, Mr. Carter will launch his limited line of designer products at Barneys New York on Nov. 20.

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  1. x

    Wonder if he’ll top Diddy’s



    @x, Depends on which smells better. Diddy’s is kind of hard to beat.


    cuntlejuah Reply:

    @@SLICKERTHANSLY, is anyone gonna tell him his bottle and bottle cap are EXACTLY like USHERS fragrance?


  2. Jay-Z GOLD

    Fukyes Jay-Z of men r gonna buy that shyt 4 us on the day it comes out. NOT ROCWEAR PEOPLE This is his first fragrance in his NAME


    x Reply:

    @Jay-Z GOLD, didn’t understand a word


    dangermaus Reply:

    @x, neither did i,Jesus.


  3. stephenc

    Girl: You smell good… What are you wearing?

    Guy: Jay-Z.

    Girl: (Walks Away)


    middlefinger Reply:

    @stephenc, lol but no… rather you say
    Guy: Gold by Jay-Z
    (Unless you’re gay or something why the fuck would you just say “Jay-Z”? No that’s weird!)


    nwhat Reply:

    @stephenc, looooooooooooooooool


  4. nwhat

    mmmmmmmmmmm.. smells like a camel


  5. Ready 4 da Yolas

    Nice for the Man


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