Video: Jason Derulo – ‘Trumpets’

Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo hears a symphony everytime he makes love in the video for “Trumpets,” a cut off his album Tattoos.

While getting intimate with his girl, the hunky heartthrob is bombarded by the sound of instruments and even a band that bursts into his bedroom. He shows off his fancy footwork while dancing in an alleyway and flaunts his toned physique.

There’s also some eye candy for the fellas as his female co-star strips down and works the pole in a private striptease.

Watch Jason get hot and heavy in his musical fantasy.

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  1. Marcus

    The trumpets come in one beat too late! It’s maddening!


    Twista Reply:

    @Marcus, Haha, I hear exactly what you mean. The trumpets should come in a beat earlier.


    2bad2bme Reply:

    @Marcus, i don’t hear it…it sounds like what it suppose to be…stop trying to be Simon Cowell


  2. meme

    what a nice lookin young man


  3. from france

    dammmmmn he tries too hard to be like king Brown (in the way he moves, the face he makes…)

    there’s only one chris brown guy!!!!

    the song is nice. not his best


    meme Reply:

    @from france, please dont compare this respectable gentleman with that horrid creature


  4. tell'em

    Gotta give him props. He gets better with each release. You can tell he’s working on his craft.


  5. Lamont

    I like this video and song, it sounds really good. The leading lady in this video is sexy as hell… Does anyone know her name?


    Cherese Reply:

    @Lamont, I think she’s called pascal craymer if its who I think she looks like xx


  6. Ready 4 da Yolas

    awesome Song


  7. lolo

    if this was another artist i wouldn’t like this video but this is jason derulo!! he’s like amazing at everything…


  8. Killa

    Everything he does is just awesome. I really hate that he’s kinda slept on. Great Video!! SN: That leading lady was fine as hell but Jordin Sparks probably kicked his ass after seeing this lmfaooo.


  9. Jonny

    What kind of shoes is he wearing when he is sitting on the chair around the end?


  10. Marcus V

    What shoes is he wearing when he is in the alley, when i find out I am going to definitely buy them.


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