Chris Brown Readies ‘X Files’ Mixtape

Chris Brown

Chris Brown is getting back to business. Following his stint in rehab, the singer is readying his X Files mixtape.

The 5-track collection will be available for download on Tuesday, Nov. 19, via

He made the announcement on Twitter. “X files mixtape Tuesday NOV 19th, 5 songs,” tweeted Breezy.

Chris previously promised his fans that he would give them free music prior to the release of X.

“Since we pushed the album back to December 3, on 11-19-13 ima release 5 new songs just for my fans. Love y’all,” he told Team Breezy. “These 5 are bangers so y’all better buy X’ dammit!! Lol.”

While X does not currently have a release date, the album is expected to feature collaborations with Rihanna, Wiz Khalifa, Kelly Rowland, Brandy, and Kendrick Lamar, with production from Timbaland, Pharrell, Diplo, Polow Da Don, Drumma Boy, and Danja.

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  1. Miszi

    I hope this will be followed by a couple interviews and the release of “Autumn Leaves”. That way he could easly release the album in January.


  2. Jessie Blackman

    Hope girl you loud is on this shit and hope X brings back the real beeezy yo


    Miszi Reply:

    @Jessie Blackman, I agree, I’m hoping for “Girl You Loud”, “When I Love Ya” and “Stuck in the middle (Runaway)” the most.


    Jessie Blackman Reply:

    @Miszi, i think he should just drop Autumn Leaves on this tape too to build promo for X.
    sucks being in UK gnna have to wait till tomorrow night to get this. #straightfire #Xfiles


    Miszi Reply:

    @Jessie Blackman, Maybe you’re right, it could still be included on actual album even as a bonus track or something. I’m gonna have to wait even one hour longer sadly (Poland).


  3. Paige

    It’ll be 5 free songs on the 19th to show his appreciation to his fans Team Breezy for staying with him through thick & thin!!!


    Deejay Reply:

    @Paige, Yeah we already read that in the description on this post. Thanks


    Taylor Reply:

    @Paige, emphasis on “thin,”….because…you know….the crack and all.



    Quest Reply:

    @Taylor, *Screams*


  4. Avon

    man, i cant wait for this mixtape, i hope i can get it. Chris has a total of 27 tracks out this year including 3 being his own, no amount of music he releases is ever enough for me. Chris Brown is the best #XFiles #TeamBreezy4Life


  5. BadBitch Syndrome

    I’m so ready for this Chris, hope he gets it together and just focus on himself



    I GUESS.


  7. Girl Bye

    This will just flop just like his album…chris brown career is dead


    kingbreezy Reply:

    @Girl Bye, you are alone..forever alone


    Ice Reply:

    @Girl Bye, I’m confused, how exactly does FREE music flop?


  8. Phree

    Way too many damn pushbacks. He needs to pull a Ciara and start a brand new album.



    ain’t no one care.


  10. Shutterbug

    It says “Since we pushed the album back to December 3″…why do you say “While X does not currently have a release date”?



  11. Ready 4 da YOlas

    if his album come out on dec-3-2013 it the same day as his Artist Sevyn streeter cd debut album Release can’t wait to hear the 5 new song off of this Mixtape


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