TLC and Lil Mama Perform ‘No Scrubs’ on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

TLC and Lil Mama

A day after their return to the American Music Awards, TLC took over the ballroom on “Dancing With the Stars.” Standing on a glittery platform, T-Boz and Chilli performed their 1999 hit “No Scrubs” while the finalists danced the samba. They were once again joined by Lil Mama, who rocked green hair and stepped in sync with her idols.

TLC is working on a new album for release in 2014 featuring contributions from Lady Gaga and Dallas Austin.

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  1. KenBarbUk

    What a MessT!


    Daryl Trazilieno Reply:



  2. Ian

    I would use the term “performing” loosely. All they did was stand on a small stage and did basic dance moves. They didn’t even actually sing. For a legendary group, this is sad. I’ve always respected TLC but if your trying to make a comeback, make sure your ready.


    mon88 Reply:

    @Ian, True but DWTS suck the singers never perform live or on a big stage anymore the only time i saw that happen was when whitney houston did it and had a vocal meltdown in 2009 it was so sad to see. RIP WH


    JJ Reply:

    @Ian, It’s dancing with the stars for crying out loud what were expecting a full concert with them doing backflips? This performance was good for what it was and also as long as I’ve seen TLC perform they’ve never really sung live for tv performances. Props to lil mama for keeping up though she had big shoes to fill but i believe she can bring something new to the group.


  3. mon88

    wow i guess lil mama is the new L in TLC. For years its just been the T & C maybe Lil mama will bring something new to the group finally they do look nice together Good Luck TLC!


  4. Deejay

    I just don’t see it for TLC at all. Never have and never will. Basic dance moves, zero vocal ability, cute personalities. But That’s it.


  5. Twista

    I only see reason and sensibility in Lil’ Mama joining TLC. T-Boz and Chilli are not going to make it as a duo, especially with Chilli doing a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of stage presence/energy.

    If TLC is going to release a 5th album with any level of success, they are going to require a third member. Why not Lil’ Mama? Forget what happened at the VMAs 4 years ago, we all do stupid things from time to time.


  6. Nicki Minaj

    The biggest thing Lil Mama did in her rap career is impersonating a dead rapper.


    Hawk22 Reply:

    @Nicki Minaj, fair.. and the biggest thing Nicki did in her career was impersonate Lil Kim… The irony right?


    hawk22 Reply:

    @Nicki Minaj, Fair. and the biggest thing Nicki did in her career was impersonate Lil Kim.. the irony right?


  7. Juizy

    They shouldve kept all the original TLC songs like they were, without Lil Mama. Left Eye cant be replaced, so why try (and fail). They don’t even sing, theyre just doin some karaoke.

    Why not make an album with a (rap) feature on every song… That way they still keep the TLC vibe and pay respect to Left Eye.


  8. chris

    And the point of Lil Mama being there was? She didn’t even do the rap.


  9. Realistically

    So will Lil’ Mama be on the new TLC album?

    If they have an album coming out next year, shouldn’t they be promoting new material?

    Or are they appealing to a younger crowd who may have never heard their old material?

    I’m confused.


    Ch.. Reply:


    Their new album is not complete, maybe only or 3 song are done so far. They’re still in the early stages of the album so why promote new music if they’re not even sure what will and will not make the final track list.


  10. nwhat

    O.M.G. ……
    old timers can come back only when they look good…


  11. CS

    To be fair….they had a tiny little area to perform on, so yeah, I think they were pretty much forced to limit their movement. T-Boz has been fighting a lot of illnesses for a long time…so I give her a ton of credit. And to me…she at one time was by far TLC’s best dancer…girl had swag. I thought lil mama did great.
    Is it me…or did anyone else think that Chili looked kinda chunky on DWTS? Mainly her legs? I see no reason to judge them though yet. Their new song Meant To Be is awesome….I love it, and I’m looking forward to seeing how their new album is….I’m sure it will be great….older doesn’t mean done….maybe different…and with a whole new perspective.


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