New Music: Childish Gambino f/ Azealia Banks – ‘The Oldest Computer (The Last Night)’

Azealia Banks and Childish Gambino

Azealia Banks adds some spark to Childish Gambino’s electro cut “The Oldest Computer (The Last Night).” The Harlem rapper smooths out the spastic number, which builds up over the course of four minutes.

“I just want to live forever and ever/ Maybe it’s the last night,” sings Yung Rapunxel over the pulsing beat.

The song can be found on Childish’s album because the internet, due December 10. Following the album’s leak today, he tweeted, “enjoy.”

Get pumped up to their electrifying collaboration.

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  1. dope_Stuff

    I always like his music. Very different but not annoying. I need this album. Kudos to him.


  2. Zave

    I been waiting on THIS!!!


  3. frijoles refritos

    I wanted her to rap:/


  4. Rob

    Azealia Banks is so f-cking garbage smh


  5. Andy

    bad idea


  6. sha

    Azealia banks vocals was amazing and the song was catchy give props when its due haters


  7. DylanNs

    AZEALIA literally made this song! SOOOOO GOOD! love it!


  8. sha

    Azealia banks vocals was amazing she can sing give props when its due you damn haters


  9. Andres

    Just found out about this Azealia chick she’s great dont understand the hate towards this talented women


    Beej Reply:

    @Andres, It’s because she’s always getting into pointless beefs with other artists and constantly makes a bad name for herself. I like her music, but I can see how her behavior can be a turn off to people.


  10. pwinpign

    I love it.


  11. muthafucka

    boring. how long until she goes on twitter about him?


    efcedebiasi Reply:

    @muthafucka, hahaha same shit I was saying!


  12. GirlsBeLikeImissDwoods

    But didn’t Angel Haze Mess with Gambino and she dumped him he goes get Azealia


    Staysnatching Reply:

    @GirlsBeLikeImissDwoods, No


    JustCoastWitHa Reply:

    @GirlsBeLikeImissDwoods, …lets be serious. Angel Haze is a whole Klondike


  13. Mr. Fye

    Nice frfr, I will be buying his CD on the 10th and maybe Kellz if I feel its good


  14. JustCoastWitHa

    Head Negress & Danny Glover !!!

    I live


  15. dizziethewizard

    i love this shit !!!! #spacespam


  16. Drama

    Not them shading down C-error! How will future feel?


    Pow Reply:

    @Drama, see an error not C-error lol smh.


  17. KuntyKween

    This is absolutely amazing, Azealia’s vocals are on point, this song gives me life. Azealia can really sing!


  18. Yassboo

    Amazing, loving the Azealia vocals too!


  19. Rapunxelle

    dat vocals are on point


  20. Whatcha_Sayin

    ARE THEY RELATED?! They look alike


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