Video: Justin Bieber – ‘All That Matters’

Justin Bieber

It may be cold outside, but Justin Bieber is turning up the heat in the steamy video for “All That Matters,” the second release in his #MusicMondays series. The pop sensation gets intimate with his sexy co-star, played by 19-year-old model Cailin Russo, in the Colin Tilley-directed clip.

The teen heartthrob shows off his chiseled chest, serenades his lady on guitar, and goes in for the kiss in one scene that’s bound to make his Beliebers jealous.

He previously debuted a viral clip for the same song, which was shot on the Great Wall of China.

Dim the lights and watch JB lay on the charm.

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  1. BBg

    What a boring video.


  2. Whatcha_Sayin



  3. Ice

    An Urban smash waiting to happen, they need to send it to radio.


    blasterUp Reply:

    @Ice, None of these tracks are being released to radio. No album either these songs will be on. Music Mondays is for his fans and the world to show he is moving on to adult R&B music.


    Satisfied Reply:

    @blasterUp, IKR. I just hope he keeps the same vibe when approaching the album because not one of the MM songs have been bad. I even like that long-drawn PYD & Hold Tight.

    This, Heartbreaker & Recovery need royal treatment tho. He can pull a Chris Brown and make one of these a “popular demand” single, a la Strip, No BS, etc.


    Will Reply:

    @Satisfied, and Dueces


  4. Andy

    Mhmm… I’m still not eating this thing of him… I don’t think he’s being authentic.


  5. Andy

    btw 2:01


  6. DylanNs

    He so manufactured by his record label.. not a real artist. but ok vocals


  7. nwhat

    one of two artists that needs to go away. (the other one is of course, miley)


    Rap-Upper Reply:

    @nwhat, wait WHAT? We all know Justin’s actually talented so go somewhere else with that shit. He clearly is working on his craft. #GiveCreditWhen It’sDue


  8. blasterUp

    This video is sexy, yet not explicit to offend old Grandma & Grandpa..LOL The song sounds like urban R&B in my opinion. Keep making good music like this JB. R&B needs a shake up big time.


  9. Fab-u-know

    Hot and adictive to watch – once you let the blinkers fall off your eyes and realize that everyone’s just talking crap about this dude. Let him be – xx


  10. Rap-Upper

    That awkward moment when all black artists’ become sellouts and been producing trash and this young white boy is putting out these RnB singles…REAL MUSIC


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