New Music: Bridget Kelly – ‘Cut to…Bridget Kelly’ [EP]

Cut to...Bridget Kelly

While we await her debut album in 2014, Bridget Kelly holds her fans over with her second EP Cut to…Bridget Kelly.

The Roc Nation singer shows her vulnerability while narrating an intense love story. The six tracks include the tracks “Special Delivery” and “Coca1n3 Heartbreak,” plus contributions from Jerry Wonda (“Goosebumps”), Pop Wansel, Sam Dew, Elijah Blake, and Cri$tyle.

“I speak a lot about love and my feelings on these songs,” said Bridget of the follow-up to her 2011 EP Every Girl. “I speak to those who have been in relationships, the good and the bad, and that in the midst of turmoil, finding something you can smile about.”

Spotify users can stream the EP below. It will be available as a free download on December 17 on

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  1. moor

    Amazing voice, boring songs tbh.


  2. its the real boss

    this ep gave me life yes it did


  3. Realistically

    Call Me Crazy But …

    I’ve seen this title somewhere before. Unoriginal, much?


    tell'em Reply:

    @Realistically, False.

    Read the title again.


  4. poe



  5. tell'em

    LOVE THIS. I like majority of this more than her singles. Great work Bridget.


  6. Kyle

    I want her to win so bad. Her voice is amazing! I loved “Street Dreamin.”


  7. Music Nerd

    Sh*T Happens….Digging this EP


  8. Prince Naseem

    I fucking love this girl


  9. Samantha

    Boring! I had such high hopes for this girl ever since first single ep “Stuck” with Rock N. in 2008. Now 6 years later she is still trying to do what ever any1 else be tying.


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