Justin Bieber Delays ‘Journals’


Justin Bieber fans will have to wait one more week to get their hands on his Journals. But the pop singer has a good reason for the delay.

Originally due December 16, the temporary collection of songs will now hit iTunes just in time for Christmas on December 23.

He decided to add one more song at the last minute. “BIG NEWS!!! Wrote another smash this week! Want you to have it! Making it a Christmas gift and moving #journals to the 23rd! So… Monday 12.23,” tweeted Bieber.

The project includes 10 songs from his #MusicMondays series and six previously unreleased tracks, with appearances from R. Kelly (“PYD”), Chance the Rapper (“Confident”), Lil Wayne (“Backpack”), Big Sean (“Memphis”), and Future (“What’s Hatnin’”).

Also included in the bundle are two videos and the trailer for the Believe movie, which opens in theaters on Christmas Day.

He plans to release a video for the Chance the Rapper-assisted “Confident” in early 2014 and is readying his next album for a late 2014 release.

See a tracklisting (minus the new song) below.

Journals Tracklisting

1. “Heartbreaker”
2. “All That Matters”
3. “Hold Tight”
4. “Recovery”
5. “Bad Day”
6. “All Bad”
7. “PYD” feat. R. Kelly
8. “Roller Coaster”
9. “Change Me”
10. “Confident” feat. Chance the Rapper
11. “One Life”
12. “Backpack” feat. Lil Wayne
13. “What’s Hatnin’” feat. Future
14. “Swap It Out”
15. “Memphis” feat. Big Sean & Diplo
16. “All That Matters” – Music Video
17. Justin Bieber’s Believe Theatrical Trailer
18. Guatemala Pencils of Promise Journal Video

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  1. Smitty

    He probably didn’t want to go against Beyonce’s album sales next week.


    GQ Reply:

    @Smitty, totally right beyonce is about to have the charts for the next two weeks and then some


    Sushi Reply:

    @Smitty, Dammit. You beat me to it. I was about to say the same thing. Not only did Beyonce shut the whole world down with the new un-announced album.. but it even overshadowed Taylor Swifts birthday XD hahaha First Kanye with the VMA’s, now Beyonce! XD buahahahaa


  2. molisa

    The BEYONCE EFFECT will have niggas pushin back their albums.


  3. Chrisc

    I’m glad he did this because I have no money left since I bought beyonce’s album. Now I have time to buy an itunes gift card since this isn’t a studio album, and there will be no physical copies.


  4. toasty

    he got scared and said thats a tall glass of nope…he dont have a chance…he should just wait till next year #bey613


  5. lolathaters

    Hi Beyonce


  6. LevelNEXTER

    Naaahhhhhhhhh….he pushed that wig back because YONCE out here slayin out chew.

    Take cover!!


  7. nick

    That Beyonce album is horrible and jay-z raps on one of the songs like a rookie,eve frank oceans song was horrible on this album,this album was bad


  8. zakia



  9. Ewan

    Yonce all in Bieber’s head.


  10. BlasterUp

    Maybe that new song is that rumored track with Drake that we been hearing might happen. Either way I will buy it, curious if the quality keeps up with the new 5 tracks with Wayne, Future & the one with Big Sean & Diplo.


  11. tia



  12. Pro Ora

    B got you trippin!


  13. ELLIE



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